The Reappearance of Monica Lewinsky

By Joe Campbell
November 15th, 2007

buy Lamictal online with no prescription Monica LewinskyAs some of my readers might have noticed, I watch the Drudge Report rather closely. He seems to be trying, again, like everyone else in the media, to be hyping the latest Democratic debate which will be airing tonight. His headline: “VEGAS BABY: WILL BO KO HRC?!” is a ridiculous lead-in to a rather tame New York Times article.

go here I have the feeling that the Hillary camp’s influence is all over that headline. Barack does not seem to want to deal a knockout blow – but rather with a few jabs to demonstrate that he is the better candidate and would be a better president. He does not want to take down Hillary, but instead, wants people to choose him. However, if everyone expects Senator Obama to take out Senator Clinton in this debate, or even to try – it will be very easy for him to lose the expectations battle and come out as the loser.

The one highlight of the New York Times article though is this gem from Ross K. Baker, a professor of political science at Rutgers University:

“One absolutely devastating accusation that could resonate is that she is gullible — she bought into two false story lines, one from her husband about Monica Lewinsky and one from President Bush about Iraq…” Related articles