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Sex on the City

Rudy’s scandal has now been named: “Sex on the City”.

Yesterday, we asked Daily Kos readers to help name the ever-growing scandal concerning Rudy Giuliani’s expensing of his adultery to the taxpayers of New York, and his subsequent hamfisted attempts to hide his shame.  And as always, you responded with gusto.  We received over 1000 comments on the thread, the vast majority of which were suggested scandal names.   Most of the proposals were very good.  Some were remarkably effective.  But there was one particularly apropos suggestion that tied together the sex, the taxpayer abuse, and the Rudyific Enycean nature of the scandal in a package as pretty as a Manolo Blahnik box.

I refer, of course, to Sex on the City.  Sex on the City: your official 2007-08 Rudy sex/money/coverup scandal name!

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