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Hillary Clinton, Secretary of Defense

[digg-reddit-me]Andrew Sullivan is apparently a big fan of Obama keeping on Robert Gates at the Pentagon. Others have taken various sides. But I agree with Matt’s point: this would suggest that Obama was conceding national security to Republicans still. Matt says, “How about a Democrat?” but doesn’t suggest anyone.

I have a perfect suggestion for a Democrat who is:

  • tough enough;
  • liberal enough;
  • has the requisite stature and gravitas;
  • is very involved in defense issues;
  • who has prominently challenged the Bush administration over the management of the Pentagon;
  • who would be an all-star in any Cabinet;
  • who has shown a proficiency for getting things done in a closed environment;
  • and who would be a groundbreaking choice as Secretary of Defense.

[Image by Angela Radulescu.]

To balance out the Cabinet – and fulfill Obama’s pledge to place a Republican in a Cabinet position, and to help bring along the Republican party to Obama’s enhanced diplomacy – Obama can choose Chuck Hagel as Secretary of State.

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