There are a number of terms on the site that seem to be the subject of some contention. So I have taken the time to define them here. This is the page for islamism.

islamism – A term for what is variously called jihadism, Islamism, radical Islam, Islamic extremism, and Islamic fascism. I reject Islamic fascism because it is inaccurate and misleading, especially as its proponents have rarely had state control. There are Islamic fascists, but Al Qaeda is not among them. Radical Islam and Islamic extremism both are accurate terms to describe those non-violent “fellow-travelers” of islamist terrorists. However, both terms imply that the tradition of Islam provides support for the current tactics of islamists. I think Islamism is an appropriate term, but believe that decapitalizing it emphasizes the point further: that this movement is rooted in Islamic culture but not of it.

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