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About Joe Campbell

I graduated from the College of the Holy Cross in 2004 with a degree in the practical art of philosophy. I rarely attended class, instead dedicating myself to extracurricular activities. I worked with the Student Government in several capacities, including as Director of SGA Services for two years, starting the Crusader Movie Rental and the SGA Meal of the Week, both of which apparently are still being run today; and a book exchange which seems to have fallen by the wayside. I wrote features and a political column for the Crusader, the campus newspaper. Most of all, however, I started a stickball league which is still going strong and played for a good portion of my days. Notice in the linked article, I am the “savvy veteran”.

After graduation, I tried a number of things, ending up working for and owning a piece of a web start-up in Manhattan called RichDJ Web Services, which went belly-up just before 2007 began. Before that, we made a number of websites of which I am still proud: the RichDJ website, Teuscher Chocolates, Little Spirits, Grid Iron Game Face, Howard Cash, and of course this site which never made it out of development. Us RichDJ folk ended up in a few different places – GreenLight USA, Mat-1 Equity Partners, NYC Geeks,,,, OSM Mobile, HNK Technology Services, Incorporated, freelancing, in a band, California, China, and wherever else fate took us.

I ended up back on my original career track, working as a law clerk for the Law Offices of Paul J. Giacomo, Jr., in the Chrysler Building. We had a bit of excitement recently when one of our clients, a professor at Columbia Teacher’s College, Madonna Constantine, was the focus of a media storm which ended up with her everywhere from the New York Times to Good Morning America, while turning down Larry King and Hannity and Colmes. A Google News search on the days when the story of the noose hung on the professor’s door broke revealed over a thousand news stories, most of them rehashed from the Associated Press, but with dozens of original stories. It was quite an experience.

From here though, I go on to law school and never-ending weeks of legal minituae.

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