Another Idiotic Email: “The $50 Billion Shadow Syndicate”

Dear Reader,

On the surface, it looks like the government is doing everything it can to help the little guy out. Approving billions in stimulus funds… “Cash for Clunkers”… tax credits for first-time homebuyers. And just recently Ben Bernanke claimed, “The recession is over.”

Really Ben? There are still millions of people out of work. The $787 billion in stimulus money has yet to trickle down to small companies… even large ones, for that matter.

And based on new research from Michael Robinson, Taipan Publishing Group’s award-winning investigative writer, there’s a government cover-up happening right under your nose. Michael exposes what’s really happening and how the outcome could not only impact America’s chances of economic recovery, but you personally. In fact, he’s found a way for you to become $97,500 richer by following the steps he outlines.

Details are in the report. Please read it. Even if you decide to do nothing at all, you’ll at least appreciate knowing about this next government cover-up.

Sandy Franks, Executive Publisher, Taipan Publishing Group
Sandy Franks
Executive Publisher, Taipan Publishing Group

Special Investigative Exposé

“The $50 Billion
Shadow Syndicate”

How a Ruthless Government
Conspiracy Could Make You
$97,500 Richer by March 2010

*(The following true story will make you mad as hell. It could also make you very rich…)

Dear Reader,

At this moment, a secret U.S. government-backed syndicate is CANNIBALIZING American jobs… crushing hope for a sustained economic recovery… and setting up the single most lucrative investment opportunity of the past 83 years.

If things pan out the way I expect… folks who ACT NOW can avoid catastrophic market loss… AND pocket a potential $97,500 (or more) by March 2010.

Not only is this outcome likely, I believe it’s a near certainty. You’ll understand why in just a moment…

By following the detailed instructions in this Report…

… you’ll give yourself a very real chance to CRAM a decade’s worth of wealth-building into a few short weeks.

I can’t emphasize enough how extraordinarily unique this situation is. In fact, the last time an opportunity this explosive… and this lucrative… came along was in 1933…

… right in the middle of the Great Depression…

… when a similar U.S. government “conspiracy” sent tiny military contractor EBC soaring 55,000%… turning a handful of people into multimillionaires.

Folks who got in early had the chance to turn a $5,000 investment into $2.5 million.

The opportunity I’ve uncovered today offers similar riches. And while a 55,000% return might take a while…

… folks who get in now — on the GROUND FLOOR — could be $97,500 richer by March 2010. Maybe a whole lot more…

There is one catch, however…

When I first uncovered this situation, I was a bit skeptical. After all, “crackpot” conspiracy theories come a dime a dozen, and they’re hard to take seriously…

But… because of the astronomical profit potential surrounding this case… I decided to take a closer look.

I’ve spent the past six months working undercover… behind the scenes… digging into the facts.

And, after months of due diligence… I’ve determined that not only is this situation REAL… but it could also alter your family’s financial status for generations to come.

Even a modest investment of $500 could reap tremendous rewards.

But here’s the thing…

During my months of investigation, we’ve hit a “trigger point”… things are moving fast… and you must ACT NOW to capture maximum profit potential.

I wish I could have given you more time… but as a matter of policy, I had to be absolutely certain of the FACTS before I went public with this shocking story.

Bottom line: Time is short, and it’s essential that you act now to avoid missing out.

But I’m getting ahead of myself, and the background story is utterly amazing…

Take No Prisoners! 30 Years
in the Undercover Trenches

My name, by the way, is Michael Robinson.

I’m a Special Investigative Correspondent for Taipan Publishing Group, an investment research service based in Baltimore, Md., since 1989.

If my name sounds familiar, maybe it’s because you caught me live on the Larry King show…

Or perhaps you read one of my investigative exposés in The Wall Street Journal, Investors’ Business Daily, orThe New York Times.

I cut my journalism teeth in the Watergate Era, and I’ve spent much of the past 30 years working undercover… digging into corruption… and bringing truth to American investors.

I was profiled by the Columbia Journalism Review for my aggressive “take-no-prisoners” style of reporting…

… and even nominated for a Pulitzer Prize. In fact, while on assignment for the Oakland Tribune, I won an award for a groundbreaking story on a controversial new drug by Chiron Corp.

I also won an award for an investigative series I did on the United Auto Workers (UAW) and Detroit’s corrupt workers’ compensation system.

As the author of Overdrawn: The Bailout of American Savings, I was instrumental in uncovering a SCANDAL at Bank of America that led to the dismissal of two executive vice presidents.

I don’t tell you all this to brag… but so you will understand that I’ve spent the past three decades in the undercover trenches… I’ve developed an extensive network of inside sources and contacts… and when it comes to ferreting out the truth… I know what I’m doing.

Today, I’m excited to bring you the most important — and intriguing — story of my career.

Not only could this story help you avoid devastating financial pain… it could also pad your pockets with a phenomenal profit… a profit that could erase your money worries permanently…

Let me give you the details…

Steering, Collusion
and the U.S. Government

My investigation began back in February 2009 when I started looking into the relationship between private sector contractors and the U.S. government agencies they serve.

With the massive $787 billion stimulus package (American Reinvestment & Recovery Act) being doled out… rumors of contract steering and collusion were rampant…

My source close to the U.S. Department of Justice indicated a wave of potential “bid-rigging” was close at hand.

Not surprising…

After all, in Washington, D.C., the line between the private sector and government officials is oftenblurred by favors, special interests and campaign donations.

It’s just the way things get done in Washington…

And quite frankly, any time you have big money being paid out by the federal government… corruption is never far behind.

Now, I must admit, my interest in government spending is not just about justice…

… it’s also about PROFITS!

You see, when the U.S. government starts funneling money into a private firm… it can make shareholders very, very rich.

It doesn’t matter if the contract is a result of steering, collusion, special interest influence, or all of the above.

The simple fact is this: When the U.S. government gets behind a private company… when the U.S. government awards a small firm a big contract… NEW MILLIONAIRES get minted at a phenomenal clip.

In fact, some of the biggest private fortunes this country has ever seen were built on government contracts… and in many cases, inside connections were the key to success.

The CIA Made Him Rich

Oracle (ORCL:NASDAQ) is a perfect example…

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Back in 1977, computer programmer Larry Ellison used his government connections to land a contract from the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)…

… a contract that turned his small start-up firm into a multibillion-dollar technology powerhouse.

Today, Ellison is one of the richest men in America, and people who got in on Oracle on the ground floor had a chance to turn a modest $5,000 into $1.2 million.

Amgen (AMGN:NASDAQ) is another example…

In 1989, Amgen used its inside connections to secure the government funding necessary to produce blockbuster drug EPO.

Folks who invested in Amgen early had a chance to turn $7,750 into $4.5 million…

And then there was Electric Boat Company (EBC)…

Back in the early 1900s, The New York Times ran headline after headline about EBC’s use of illegal government influence to land submarine contracts. The charges were never proven, but EBC did land a Navy contract in 1933… and subsequently soared 55,000%.

Think about it… People with the foresight to buy shares of EBC in the early days had a chance to turn a $5,000 investment into $2.75 million.

Bottom line: The U.S. government is a moneymaking force like no other. It literally has the power to print money… and when it starts throwing its financial might behind a small start-up firm… a wave of new millionaires is never far behind.

That’s exactly where we stand today…

The stimulus bill is about to send an unprecedented tidal wave of federal funding into the private sector.

Now, a bunch of the money will go to big established firms like Dell, Microsoft, Oracle and Hewlett-Packard.

Good investments, no doubt. Problem is, these companies are already too big to make investors any real money.

But here’s the thing:

While much of the stimulus money will be given to the “old boys’ network” of corporate giants…

… a major chunk of the funding has found its way into the hands of a tiny military contractor.

I can tell you right now, this stock is the next government-backed millionaire-maker.

The company has an exceptional product… but its real asset (as you will see in a moment) is its INSIDE CONNECTION to the U.S. government…

… an INSIDE CONNECTION that will likely send its share price soaring very soon.

The best part? This company is completely off the radar. It is virtually unknown. This makes it the PERFECT ground-floor opportunity.

Now, I must confess, when I began my investigation, I was in the dark about this company… and started off down the wrong path.

In fact, I began by looking at the “infrastructure/construction” industry. BIG MISTAKE. Thankfully, I wasn’t 24 hours into my investigation when the story took a surprising turn… a turn that could make YOU very wealthy, very soon. Let me explain…

“They’re Leading You Astray…”

As you may know, the $787 billion stimulus package was designed to revive America’s struggling economy.

If you follow the mainstream press, the buzzword tied to the stimulus package is “infrastructure.”

The idea being that by showering billions of dollars into re-building America’s roads, bridges, ports, waterways and sewers… the government will create jobs, and spark an economic revival.

At first glance, the idea makes sense.

After all, it worked for Roosevelt, right? WRONG!

According to the Washington, D.C., “spin doctors”… the New Deal lifted America out of the Great Depression.

Of course, that story line should have been a clear WARNING “infrastructure” was a DECOY…

… because the truth is, the New Deal DID NOT lift America out of the Great Depression. Most historians agree that World War II put an end to the Great Depression.

But, like most Americans hoping for a quick recovery… I bought into the idea that the government stimulus program was all about building new roads, creating jobs, and making the economy better again.

So, as I began my investigation, my focus was on infrastructure…

That all changed on July 23, 2009, at 2:34 p.m. when I received a text message from my inside source, whom I’ll call “Branson” (not his real name).

Michael —

They’re leading you astray. Infrastructure is a decoy.

The real story is GSA#: GSOOQ09BGD.



Now, Branson is a retired U.S. Marine… he saw action in Korea, Vietnam… received a handful of battlefield promotions… and won several medals for valor, including a Purple Heart.

He’s also one of the most hard-nosed, aggressive investigative reporters in Washington, D.C.

Because of his military background, as well as his extensive network of inside contacts at theDepartment of Defense (DOD)… Branson has access to information most people never hear about.

In fact, over the past 30 years, he’s used his connections to break several stories involving covert KGB weapons programs… Soviet arms violations… and even Reagan’s Star Wars program.

Bottom line: Branson knows Washington’s information backchannels like nobody in the business. He has also made untold riches investing in small government contractors BEFORE they hit it big.

Needless to say, Branson’s message got my blood pumping… and sent me in a completely unexpected (and lucrative) direction…

The next day, I made a beeline to the U.S. Recovery Accountability and Transparency Board… where all the information regarding stimulus spending is housed.

What I found made me furious…

After digging into the records, I discovered that the REAL WINNER in the stimulus package is NOT infrastructure. Not by a long shot.

And it’s NOT America’s workforce…

And it’s NOT the U.S. economy…

The real winner is a powerful syndicate with a very dangerous agenda… an agenda that will likely make YOU a pile of money — as much as $97,500 or more — by March 2010.

Let me explain…

The New World Order

If you ever wondered who REALLY makes the rules in Washington, D.C., I can tell you it’s NOT the politicians.

The people who really make the rules are the special interest groups… who fund political campaigns.

Is this fair? Of course not.

Think about it…

Money — billions of dollars — can be shifted from one sector of the economy to another… by a simple government decision.

The sectors with the most power and influence… get what they want… often at the expense of American taxpayers.

Bottom line: the powerful, wealthy and well connected reap the big government rewards while ordinary citizens are left to fend for themselves.

When Bush was in the White House, the oil and defense sectors had a lot of sway. Companies like Halliburton ruled the roost.

That’s all changed…

In fact, the new power in Washington is a powerful technology syndicate composed of high-tech CEOs, lobbyists, Wall Street financiers, and, of course, the United States military…

According to The New York Times, “What oil was to [the Bush Administration]… technology [is] to the Obama White House.”

In other words, while Bush administration policy was heavily under the influence of oil firms like Halliburton… it is the technology sector that is now calling the shots in D.C.

And make no mistake: The government is head over heels in love with technology.

In fact, Obama has created a new cabinet level position — a Tech Czar — to oversee the build-up of technology in America.

This shouldn’t surprise anyone. Obama is a huge fan of technology and even refused to give up his BlackBerry when he took office.

“The power the technology sector has on policy decisions is staggering,” explains financial author Justice Litle. “And the influence tech now has on government funding — billions and billions of dollars — is utterly mind-boggling.”

Of course, this has not happened by chance.

Bloomberg reports that a “stampede” of technology companies have hired high-powered insiders in Washington to gain influence on government decision-making.

And CNet reports the high-tech industry has been flooding Capitol Hill with money and lobbyists.

“The new administration has rapidly changed the focus… in Washington, much to the advantage of Google and other Silicon Valley power-houses,” explains the National Journal.

Campaign finance records show that executives at technology firms were BIG CONTRIBUTORS to the Obama campaign… and that the tech industry was working to shape the stimulus package even BEFORE Obama took office.

The effort is clearly paying off…

According to The New York Times, the tech industry has its fingerprints all over the stimulus package.

In fact, a close look at the 1,000 page stimulus bill reveals that technology pulled in far more funding than infrastructure, healthcare or any other program.

“The biggest outlay [of funding] is… a technology wish-list,” reports The New York Times.

Bottom line: The government is about to rain billions down on the tech industry…

And the tiny stock I’m going to tell you about is perhaps the biggest winner of all. I wouldn’t be surprised to see its share price soar… making early investors very rich.

Now, you may be wondering… isn’t that good for America? Won’t government spending create jobs? Won’t it revive the economy?

I realize on the surface, big technology spending sounds like a win-win situation… a good deal for everyone.

But the truth is, technology spending will spark a “shadow recovery”… a recovery that LOOKS REAL at first glance… but ultimately disappears, leaving millions of Americans in severe financial pain.

Let me explain…

Technology’s Dark Side

If you follow the financial news, you know the tech industry is NOTORIOUS for eliminating American jobs. In fact, in recent years, technology firms have OUTSOURCED millions of American jobs to foreign countries.

According to CNN’s Lou Dobbs, more than 1,000 U.S. companies have sent American jobs overseas or chose to employ cheap overseas labor instead of American workers.

“An estimated 400,000 – 500,000 jobs a year being exported to cheap overseas labor markets,” explains Dobbs.

Powerful technology firms like Oracle, Dell, Microsoft, Intel, Hewlett-Packard, Yahoo, Google and many more are on Dobbs’ list of prominent outsourcers.


Why would a high-tech CEO want to do away with American jobs?

Simple. Because the job of the CEO is to CREATE PROFITS… NOT JOBS. If a CEO could get by without any labor costs… he’d do it.

And here’s the thing:

When it comes to stealing American jobs, NEW TECHNOLOGY is even more ruthless than outsourcing.

You see, modern technology has become so sophisticated… it is replacing human workers at a frenetic pace.

Why? Same reason outsourcing stole American jobs:

Lower costs = Higher profits.

Think about it…

Technology doesn’t take sick days. Technology doesn’t need health insurance. Technology doesn’t file lawsuits. Technology doesn’t go on vacation.

Technology doesn’t eat or sleep. It just works… 24 hours a day… 7 days a week… on and on and on.

By replacing human workers with technology, companies are able to DO MORE with LESS COST. That means higher profits…

Good for the CEOs, Wall Street financiers, and politicians looking for some good economic news.

But BAD for millions of Americans who are watching their jobs disappear permanently.

“The bosses are in a race to make more profits and reduce their labor costs; they do this by bringing in technology to replace workers,” explains Fred Goldstein of Workers World.

The Christian Science Monitor agrees, reporting that technology is set to overhaul the service industry, and that in the next few years, technology will take over jobs and replace human workers.

And the United Nations (UN) confirms the facts, stating that technology is taking an increasing number of jobs.

From automated gas pumps to bank ATMs to self-service checkout lanes at major retailers, service jobs already are being replaced by technology on a scale of obvious magnitude.

“The problem is that [is] will eliminate jobs in massive numbers,” explains Marshall Brain, founder and CEO of How Stuff Works. “In fact, we are about to see a seismic shift in the American workforce. As a nation, we have no way to understand or handle the level of unemployment that we will see in our economy over the next several decades.”

Lean production — the reorganization of work through speed-up, new technology, and job combination and “redesign” — allows corporations to increase output, lower costs, and raise profits without hiring additional workers.

And here’s the thing: As one company begins replacing workers with technology, other companies MUST follow suit in order to keep their costs competitive.

Same thing happened with outsourcing…

Lou Dobbs puts it in perspective: “Privately many CEOs say to me: ‘If everybody else would stop it, I’d be delighted to end it. Until that happens we have to protect our profit margin.’ That’s a shame.”

It’s a vicious cycle that will ultimately crush all hopes for a sustained recovery. It could also make you a pile of money — as much as $97,500 or more.

By pouring billions of dollars into technology, the U.S. government is sparking a “shadow recovery.” It looks real at first glance, but ultimately, it will vanish.

We are already seeing this happen…

Unprecedented Evaporation of Wealth

The government hails the “signs of recovery.” But their good news is in the form of higher corporate earnings and “productivity.”

Unfortunately, earnings and productivity are up because labor costs (jobs) are being cut at a relentless pace.

And here’s the thing:

A real sustainable recovery is driven by jobs, consumer confidence and spending.

In fact, according to Reuters, consumer spending fuels two-thirds of all economic activity in the United States.

Without consumer spending, the recovery will never gain any sustainable momentum.

That’s because when people have jobs and believe the economy is getting better… they SPEND MONEY…. which in turn helps the economy get better.

But that’s NOT what is happening…

In August 2009, jobless claims ROSE, according to the U.S. Department of Labor. And The Washington Postreports most economists predict UNEMPLOYMENT will hit 10% before year’s end…

“This is awful. A reality check,” says Ian Shepherson, chief U.S. economist for High Frequency Economics. “People are cash-constrained and credit-starved. Remember, [is] spending accounts for 89% of private sector GDP.”

Bottom line: The U.S. government is hailing a recovery. But the “recovery” is based on corporate profits… NOT jobs or spending.

Massive technology spending will only serve to accelerate the crisis… ultimately the recovery will fall apart.

And make no mistake: When this recovery disappoints, investors are going to be more frightened than ever.

Money is going to fly out of the stock market at a record clip…

The only companies left standing will be those propped up by massive government spending.

That’s why I’m so excited about the tiny stock I mentioned earlier. Get in now, and this company could deliver a $97,500 payday.

Play this situation correctly, and you may never have to work again.

So… is this opportunity suitable for you?

Well, the question you need to ask yourself is this:

How Much MONEY
Do You Want to Make…?

There are two main ways to play the government spending boom in technology. And your strategy depends on your objective.

Are you looking for slow, steady returns? If so, I would suggest you own shares of Dell, Oracle, Microsoft and Hewlett-Packard.

These corporate behemoths have been getting government contracts for years… and that’s going to continue. They are all solid and will return annual gains of 10 – 12%.

Not bad considering the rest of the stock market will likely drop another 25% by January 2010.

But here’s the thing: Companies like Dell and Oracle are enormous… They’ve already had their big run. They’ve already made people rich. But buying them now really won’t alter your financial status.

The key to making a fortune from today’s government spending is to hitch yourself to the “next Oracle.”

You need to get in early… on the ground floor. That’s the exact opportunity you have today.

You see, by following up on Branson’s tip, I’ve uncovered a tiny military contractor — a little-known stock — that I believe is the NEXT tech home-run sensation.

In fact, if you could only invest in one company for the next five years… this would be the one. Not only does it provide a critical service… but because of its INSIDE CONNECTIONS

… it is looking at a virtually unlimited backlog of GOVERNMENT FUNDING… a backlog of government funding that could launch this stock by March 2010.

Get in now, and you could be very wealthy, very soon. Let me show you why this is not only likely, but a near certainty…

America’s Electronic Backbone

As I mentioned before, technology has taken its place as a force in Washington. In part because of the money and influence it wields.

But there’s another reason.

You see, over the last few years, technology has become essential to the survival of the United States. Technology is so entrenched in our lives, we simply can’t do without it.

Every aspect of our country relies on technology to operate safely and efficiently. And the government knows it…

While in Washington, I was able to get my hands on a Special Briefing (GAO-O4-321) put out by the U.S. Government Accountability Office. Check out what they say regarding technology…

Our nation’s critical infrastructures include those assets, systems, and functions vital to our national security, economic need, or national public health and safety.

Critical infrastructures encompass a number of sectors, including many basic necessities of our daily lives, such as food, water, public health, emergency services, energy, transportation, information technology and banking and finance, telecommunications, postal services and shipping.

All of these critical infrastructures increasingly rely on computers and networks for their operations…

Computers and networks essentially run the critical infrastructures that are vital to our national defense, economic security, and public health and safety.

Unfortunately, many computer systems and networks were not designed with security in mind.

As a result, the core of our critical infrastructure is riddled with vulnerabilities that could enable an attacker to disrupt operations or cause damage.

Defending against attacks on our information technology infrastructure — cybersecurity — is a major concern of both the government and the private sector.

Let me sum this up for you:

The U.S. government is saying that our entire country relies on technology. And because of the increasing threat of cyber attacks, EVERYTHING also relies on cybersecurity.

In fact, cybersecurity has become America’s backbone.

Without it, spies, foreign enemies, al-Qaida, or even homegrown terrorists could sabotage critical operations.

Cyber attacks have increased 15,000% in the last few years…

Bottom line: Cybersecurity has become essential to every aspect of modern life. And here’s the critical thing you need to understand:

Every project, every initiative in the stimulus package requires cybersecurity.

You want to build a smart grid? You need cybersecurity.

You want to build a toll road? You need cybersecurity…

You want to digitize medical records in the healthcare industry? You need cybersecurity.

That’s why the company I’m tracking today is so lucrative… and why I’m certain its stock price is about to explode.

Here are the details on this remarkable company…

The One and Only…

As you probably guessed, the company I’m tracking today provides cybersecurity services.

But here’s the thing: While its service is top-notch, its REAL ASSET is its CEO.

This company is a perfect example of the power and importance inside connections play in Washington.

In fact, because of its new CEO’s inside government connections, this company is going to hit the big time… while other companies that offer similar services are going to wither and die.

Is that fair?

Not really. But there is nothing you can do about it. What you can do is get on board, and rack up some serious money alongside the insiders.

Let me give you the backstory…

Until 2004, this company had ZERO government contracts.

That all changed when its new CEO came on board.

The CEO is a high-powered Washington, D.C. insider. In fact, using his inside government connections, he turned his former company into one of the 10 largest government contractors in the country… a multibillion-dollar success.

He’s doing it again…

The new CEO has transformed the company… landing it government contract after government contract.

It now has cozy relationships — and lucrative contracts — with powerful U.S. government agencies, including:

  • Department of Defense (DOD)
  • U.S. Army
  • U.S. Navy
  • U.S. Air Force
  • NASA
  • Department of Education
  • General Services Administration (GSA)
  • Department of Transportation
  • Defense Logistics Agency (DLA)
  • Department of Homeland Security
  • U.S. Postal Service
  • And many more…

Bottom line: These guys are sitting on a gold mine of government money. And here’s the kicker…

And Here’s the Kicker…

On March 27, 2009… just about a month after the stimulus bill was signed… this company was named as a recipient of a $50 billion contract… called the GSA Alliant Contract.

The Alliant Contract is the largest government technology contract ever awarded…

Please understand: In my 30 years covering the federal government, I’ve never seen anything like it.

If you were to paint a dream scenario with a magic wand for a small IT contractor… this would be it.

Not only can the Alliant Contract be used by the Department of Defense… but it can also be used by EVERY GOVERNMENT AGENCY in existence: Department of Education… Department of Transportation… Department of Agriculture… NASA… Homeland Security… U.S. Postal Service… Department of Health & Human Services…

Doesn’t matter who it is, or what they do… any government agency can use this contract to spend money on cybersecurity

And get this: Even though it is SEPARATE from the stimulus bill… the Alliant Contract can draw funds from the stimulus bill.

That means it is backed up by a $787 billion government windfall…

In addition, the contract is a $50 billion “indefinite delivery, indefinite quantity contract.” And, according to sources, the contract can be extended as needed, depending on how much money pours in from the stimulus package.

That sounds like an open bar tab!

The point is this: Thanks to its inside connections, this tiny company just got a first-class ticket to easy street.

I’ve already told you how Oracle landed a government contract and people who got in early could have turned $5,000 into $1.25 million. I also told you how Amgen got government funding and people who got in early could have turned $7,750 into $4.5 million.

And I told you how EBC got a government contract and people who got in early could have turned $5,000 into $2.75 million.

The company I’m tracking today could put those winnings to shame…

In coming weeks, as news of the tiny company I’m tracking hits the mainstream press… shares could skyrocket.

The only question: How high will they go?

How High Could They Go?

This company is tiny… only about a $100 million market cap.

Now, “market cap” is just a measure of a company’s market value. It basically determines how much the company would sell for on the open market.

In this case, the company could be purchased for $100 million.

Compare that to Oracle’s market cap of $100 BILLION… or Microsoft’s market cap of $200 BILLION… and it’s easy to see that any number of big tech firms could swallow this tiny company whole without batting an eye.

And that’s exactly what I believe is about to happen.

The company I’m tracking today is poised to become the target of a serious bidding war that will make early investors rich.

A company like Oracle could buy this stock for $3 billion and still be getting a deal.


Because this tiny company holds the keys to the Government Funding Kingdom. It provides an essential service, and was named as a recipient of a $50 billion government contract.

That makes it worth a boatload of money to big firms looking to get a piece of the government pie.

Let me ask you this: Would you pay $3 billion to get your hands on a $50 billion contract?

You sure would! And here’s the thing: A $3 billion buyout could send a $100 million company soaring 30-fold.

Already, indications of a buyout are emerging. Listen to this…

Insider Buyout Frenzy!

While in Washington, I took a look at SEC records — particularly the “Form 4” for this tiny stock.

The SEC Form 4 indicates buying and selling patterns for a public company’s insiders.

What I found confirmed my suspicions about an emerging buyout opportunity. In fact, the company’s insiders have been BUYING shares of their own stock at a frenetic pace… typically a strong indicator a buyout could be imminent.

And get this:

On March 31, 2009… just four days after the company was awarded its big government contract… the company’s president of Government Solutions (talk about a guy with inside government connections and information!) bought over 108,000 shares…

And on September 2, 2009… a second insider with the company bought a stunning 1,320,000 shares…

Think about that…

WHY in the world would one insider grab up over 100,000 shares… and another buy an astounding 1,320,000 shares?

Only one reason: These guys are behind the scenes and likely KNOW a buyout is in the works…

And here’s the thing: You can get in today for a fraction of this company’s full value…

Imagine buying shares of this stock … only to wake up in a few months and find your shares worth 3… 5… even 10 times what you paid!

But you gotta move fast…

I’m urging readers of my investment newsletter, BreakAway Investor, to get in now, and I suggest you do the same.

In order to help you participate in this opportunity, I’ve put together a Special Report… “Make 2,400% From the Government Technology Jackpot!”

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  • 270% on Williams Companies…
  • 142% on Alliance Fiber…
  • 146% on Mikohn Gaming…
  • 96% on DG FastChannel…
  • 88% on ICN Pharmaceuticals…
  • 123% on E*TRADE…
  • 86% on Mesa…
  • 110% on KVH Industries…
  • 164% on Orbital…
  • 100% on Crown Cork & Seal…

I could go on and on… but I think you get the idea.

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PLUS: You Get 3 Special Bonus Reports… FREE!

In addition, if you agree to give BreakAway Investor a risk-free try today, you’ll also receive three Special Bonus Reports.

Take a look:

Special Bonus Report #1

“BreakAway Investor’s Tips to Trading Stocks and Options” (A $199 Value!)

This report is a special how-to guide to maneuvering the markets in these troubled times.

Before you buy ANY stock, you should know these important rules that many of the most successful profit-hunters have lived by for years. In this Report, you will discover:

  • The Million-Dollar Secret of the Falling Knife (This Is a MUST-KNOW for All Investors Over the Age of 32…)
  • The New Hat Phenomenon (And Why It Could Put a Potential 458% Gain in Your Pocket by Next Friday!)
  • The Best Stock Market Sectors to Buy in a Recession for Explosive Triple-Digit Gains!
  • The Deadly Stock Market Sectors You Must Get out of Immediately!
  • The Best Time of Day to BUY Stocks
  • The Best Time of Day to SELL Stocks
  • The Hidden Truth Behind Insider Buying (And Why It Could Make You Very, Very Rich!)
  • And so much more!

Special Bonus Report #2

Exclusive DVD Online Workshop: “Every Way to Play Silver!” (A $199 Value!)

If you follow the financial news, you know that every commodity fortune ever created is the result of supply and demand. When supply is low and demand is high… commodity prices soar. And folks holding the asset in question get rich.

That’s exactly what happened to many natural resources over the past few years. Gold, oil, uranium, copper, nickel… all skyrocketed as supply exceeded demand.

But here’s the thing: None of these commodities experienced the supply/demand crisis that silver is now experiencing.

Right now, silver is disappearing from the face of the Earth at an alarming rate… creating a “once-in-human-history” profit opportunity.

Join one of our top financial minds, Zach Scheidt, to learn every detail of this unique investment opportunity, including:

  • Why silver should be part of your portfolio now;
  • How you can safely invest in this metal for triple-digit gains;
  • How to pick the best investment for your situation;
  • A bonus report detailing a specific silver investment opportunity set to deliver profits to your bottom line.

And much, much more…

This Online DVD Workshop is just 15 minutes long. But we can promise you this: It will be the best time you’ve ever spent learning how you can profit from a commodity expected to prosper in the coming years.

Special Bonus Report #3

“Double Your Money CRUSHING Internet Terrorism!” (A $199 Value!)

In this Special Report you’ll discover how to stop Internet terrorism AND potentially double your money… all in one simple step. In fact, you’ll learn all about a highly innovative technology company that could render al-Qaida’s cyberspies harmless… and make you a pile of money in the process.

I honestly believe this pick will return triple-digit gains in 12 months — and could bring you 10-to-1 returns in the next few years.

Of course, these three Special Bonus Reports are yours in addition to the free Report “Make 2,400% From the Government Technology Jackpot!”

PLUS: You’ll receive all of the exclusive benefits and privileges that BreakAway Investor offers, including:

  • Confidential BreakAway Investor Alerts: When we spot an opportunity to make big profits, you’ll be the first to know. You’ll receive an e-mail, telling you what’s happening, what to buy, and at what price. And when it’s time to sell, we’ll let you know immediately. All you have to do is follow my recommendations, and haul your profits to the bank. It’s that simple!
  • FREE Weekly Updates! Each week, I’ll give you a market pulse update, detailing what’s happening in the market, and give you current info on our open positions…
  • FREE PRIVATE ACCESS to our BreakAway Investor members-only Web site, with investment updates and special investment articles…
  • FREE Subscription to Taipan Daily. A $199 Value!
    Your inbox becomes a virtual ATM with all the FREE financial news you can use to build wealth.Taipan Daily provides expert analysis on global trends — giving you useful information to help you profit on commodities, foreign stock markets and hard-to-find opportunities that slip past your broker.
  • FREE Subscription to Taipan Insider. A $497 Value!
    This limited-circulation e-letter contains exclusive “insider” information on worldwide financial opportunities as they unfold. You’ll hear from global insiders positioned in key growth areas such as China, India, Europe, South America, Australia and many others. With Taipan Insider, you have an indispensable tool that will give you the inside scoop on global trends so you can profitbefore the rest of the investment herd comes rushing in.

But most important: As a BreakAway Investor subscriber, you’ll get cutting-edge investment information that will put you head and shoulders above 99.99% of people on the planet.

Now you may be wondering: How much does all this cost?

Well, that’s the best part…

As you may know, investment research services can cost $1,000 or more per year. In fact, I personally know people who pay well over $5,000 per year for seemingly the exact information you’re going to get from BreakAway Investor.

And normally, BreakAway Investor has an annual subscription fee of a very reasonable $145. But, if you reply within the next three days… you’ll lock in a special subscription fee of just $49 for a full year of BreakAway Investor.

That means for about 14 cents per day, you’ll get cutting-edge investment information that costs some people over $5,000.

I think you’ll agree: That’s a flat-out bargain.

And because I want to make this a “no-brainer” for you… I’m going to go a step further to make sure you’re absolutely comfortable trying BreakAway Investor.

Here’s my personal pledge:

100% Guarantee

Remember, the company’s president of Government Solutions recently bought shares of the stock for $2.74.

Do you think for a second he’d do that if he didn’t think the stock was about to go significantly higher?

Even if the stock only makes it to $2 per share, you’d double your money. If it gets to the level where the company insider bought it ($2.74), you’d nearly triple your money.

A modest $500 investment would double to $1,000… or even triple to $1,500. And in my opinion, that would be a disappointing return.

So here’s the deal: If this stock recommendation doesn’t at least DOUBLE in the next 12 months, I’ll give you a full refund.

That means you either get the chance to DOUBLE your money on this recommendation… or you get your $49 subscription fee back.

And listen: If at any time during the first 90 days — for any reason — you are unhappy with yourBreakAway Investor subscription… just say the word!

I’ll send you a check to cover every penny of your subscription expense… NO QUESTIONS ASKED!

And after the first 90 days, if you’re not happy, I’ll REFUND EVERY PENNY of the unused portion of your subscription. Again — no questions asked!

And even if you decide to take a 100% refund, you keep everything I send you, including the Special Report “Make 2,400% From the Government Technology Jackpot!”… PLUS the Special Bonus Reports… FREE!

You have absolutely nothing to lose. And your potential upside on this opportunity is enormous.

But you must move quickly… because word of this opportunity is starting to leak out… and big institutions are starting to get on board.

In fact, T. Rowe Price is holding a multimillion-share position… this stock could double or even triple in the coming weeks… and in the next 12 months, a 2,400% gain is very possible.

Things are going to move fast, and you need to get in position now to ensure full profit potential.

So please, take just a moment to reserve your space by clicking the Order Now button below.

But please do it now! This opportunity won’t wait, and I’d hate to see you miss out.


Michael Robinson
Editor, BreakAway Investor
September 2009

P.S. My source indicates that this stock is starting to move… here’s your chance to pocket 2,400%. But this is for folks who act now. Please don’t miss out…

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