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By Joe Campbell
November 30th, 2007

[digg-reddit-me]Here Matt Drudge goes again – a headline suggestive of something, but no one knows what. It’s just enough to get everyone talking. And chances are this is true – not because everything Drudge reports is true, but because, as this doesn’t fit into any Republican or Clinton agenda that I can think of, he has little reason to run it if it weren’t.

I can’t think of a reason Obama would be meeting with Bloomberg now – with the race so tight in Iowa and every moment precious – unless Bloomberg reached out in some way and wanted to discuss an endorsement. This is only my speculation, but nothing else seems to fit.

I think the pairing discussed in the video is unlikely, but have to hand it to the guy for being prescient in seeing the possibility.

[Yes, I know he threw out several names, but still.]

UPDATE: CBSNews is now reporting what they call a “mystery meeting” and a “coffee date”.

The mayor has repeatedly said he has no plans to run but intends to inject himself into the national dialogue to try and influence the debate.

UPDATED AGAIN: Marc Ambinder of The Atlantic reports that Obama needs to be in Virginia by noon, so the talk will have to be short.

An Obama aide said the meeting was scheduled because of “mutual interest” and did not know whether the two had met before.

More coffee than ticket talk, though — and Obama had better be brief. He’s due to speak at the Democratic National Committee’s winter meeting in Vienna, Virginia around noon.

Despite that bit of a downer from Ambinder – either Obama or Bloomberg must have something on the agenda. And you can bet that “something” has to do with the 2008 election. Bloomberg wants to “inject himself into the national dialogue” and affect the 2008 race, and he’s now talking with one of the top candidates who is locked in a close primary. It seems obvious to me that Bloomberg has a lot more to gain by supporting Obama than by supporting Hillary. (And I don’t see him endorsing anyone on the Republican side except McCain – sorry Ron Paul supporters.)

Thank you Drudge for causing me to lose sleep tonight trying to figure this out. Sucks to be a political junkie these days.

So what’s going on here? Anyone have an inside scoop?

UPDATED, LAST TIME: The New York Daily News has the scoop on what went on at the breakfast:

Both men had two eggs over easy. The mayor, who shook salt over his meal at least five times, drank coffee and had white toast. The senator drank tea and had wheat toast.

And, this piece of information that might actually prove interesting:

Obama, not the billionaire mayor, picked up the $17.34 bill and left a $10 tip.

Why would this prove interesting? Because the general rule is that the person to request a meeting pays for it.

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