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Who’s Paying to Promote RFK, Jr. for Senate? (cont.)

I contacted Michael Pinto, the creator of the Facebook group “Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. for the US Senate” yesterday to follow-up my post asking who was paying to promote the group on Facebook. I had seen some ads – as had a few other people who had blogged about it. And the number of people in the group shot up significantly over a few days – which led me to presume that there was quite a lot of advertising.

But Michael Pinto assured me in a Facebook message that:

I’m paying for those ads out of my own pocket: I figured if I wasn’t willing to spend at least $100 of my own cash then it wasn’t a worthwhile cause.

Later, he offered:

PS If you need proof I’d be glad to share a screen shot of the ad campaign with you…

Pinto also tells me he was responsible for the “Red State Socialism” graph that made it onto Digg.

My key takeaway: It’s time to start advertising on Facebook.

One reply on “Who’s Paying to Promote RFK, Jr. for Senate? (cont.)”

Oh, please…like a busy entrepreneur has nothing else to do with his time and money but to start a massive facebook ad campaign for a non-candidate who says he is NOT INTERESTED?

Don’t believe that one for a minute. Yep, he’s shilling for somebody, but it ain’t RFK Jr.! Or maybe he is working for Kennedy, and Bobby is just playing political coy games? lol.

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