Blogging Break

I’ll be taking a break from blogging until January 19th January 21st, the day before after Obama’s inauguration.

Hopefully by then, I will also be re-launching 2parse with a slightly re-tooled look.

Update (January 22): Pushing back the re-launch of 2parse yet again.

You may have noticed the changes to the site’s theme. I’m working on a few other changes, trying to figure out exactly how to focus the blog more particularly, to launch the Quotations website I started over a year ago, and get a broader multimedia presence from YouTube to Flickr. Plus while making the changes to the site today, I got stuck in a series of those html/css ruts where I couldn’t get the looks and effects I wanted.

A preview of what’s forthcoming: I’m going to focus the site more on national security and the rule of law, though leavened by politics. As my regular readers know, I’m more of an establishmentarian – which doesn’t mean I defend the establishment, but that I try to look at issues from the perspective of those with the power to affect things rather than that of a revolutionary trying to create a new world order. I believe the threat from terrorism is real – and I’m concerned that the right trivializes the War on Terror as some G.I. Joe fantasy while the left seems to be betting on a constantly receding threat from terrorism. Neither approach serves the country well – and both threaten to undermine our core values in the aftermath of another attack.

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