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The Laziness and Gullibility of the American People, Part II had this to say about the Obama smear email I wrote about yesterday:

Such attacks usually can be disproved with less effort than it takes to forward them to others. The statement that Snopes endorsed the false claim that Obama is a Muslim radical is an example. So we find it disappointing that they continue to circulate.

via Andrew Sullivan.

So, now those forwarding these email are not only seen as lazy and gullible (by me), but also as, for some reason, making a greater effort to forward these lies than it would take to check their veracity – which kind of contradicts the laziness thing on a level.

There are many, many morons out there; and that some of them will take the time to post this absolute crap on a forum rather than taking a minute to fact check astounds me.  The drivel that is forwarded does not even pass “the smell test”.  Anyway – it pisses me off.

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