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Best way to buy viagra in uk, Viagra online manchester

By Joe Campbell
February 25th, 2009

[digg-reddit-me]I received a notification on my Facebook account today that one of my friends created a “multimedia message.”

As with so many Facebook applications, it required you to allow the program access to your profile information. Annoying, but it’s the way they all work. I just make sure to keep any important information private.

I click through and get this message – the yellow line added to the original for emphasis:

Spam sending me the message that: “Facebook has so many spammers.”  

The only thing worse than spam is self-righteous spam.

Spam at its best is a kind of poetry:

Stop worrying about your pleasuring ability!
We have so speedy delivery that even today you can make girl feel your passionate fire.

0rder V a l 1 u m #3546
Dear Tommy,
All the m e d s you search for

hail! The day of Love
Have women telling their friends about you!

I wish to find my destiny!
This letter is not a spam one.
Yesterday I myself was amazed too,
when saw your letter in my e-mail box.
The letter was about love and sensations among people.
The motto of the letter was like this «search for love and you’ll become happy».
I liked this letter very much.
Definitely, I will send you some of my photographs.
It will help you to understand who I am and where I live.
My photos will reveal all parts of my life – my happiness, my pensiveness and sometimes melancholy.
Remember of me.
Your new friend,

We specialize in top quality
Swiss engineering,
precision crafted time pieces are perfect gifts.
These products are not cheap imitations,
they are GenuineRep1icas!

Bad poetry perhaps. But funny and obvious. Of course this application decides to be all smug and it sends out notifications to a random 10 people on your Friends list:

The developer page for the program lists a “Carla Watson” as the developer:

Somebody should punch this woman in the back of the head for me if she developed this smug Facebook spam program.