Senator, you always do us right. This time, you did us proud.

By Joe Campbell
February 1st, 2008

connect nolvadex price The LA Weekly profiled two of Obama’s biggest fundraisers, a gay Los Angeles power couple.  The article’s conclusion is especially moving, as the author, Patrick McDonald, after profiling the many disappointments the Clintons and other public officials have caused the gay and lesbian community – by raising their money and their hopes in private, but publicly distancing themselves – describes this scene:

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negotiate bupropion cost These days, Bernard and Gifford have realized the race has become very personal. “Usually you like to keep some distance in case your candidate loses,” says Gifford, “but this one has been different.” triple They started to feel a true fondness for the candidate back in August, when he appeared at a gay forum televised on the LOGO cable network. After the show, Bernard and Gifford organized a gay fund-raiser at Area, a nightclub on La Cienega Boulevard. In just a few hours, they raised more than $100,000 from 400 gays and lesbians, and Obama gave a speech that some saw as exceptional…

аdvocate cefixime price Just before Obama vanished into his motorcade that warm evening last summer, he draped his arms around Bernard and Gifford and asked them if he did them right. Bernard looked at him, “Senator, you always do us right. This time, you did us proud.”

streamline v gel price Gifford, the urban sophisticate, started to choke up. Not only did he realize he was finally doing something that would matter, but he seemed to be getting results. On that August night, he thought, possibly the next president of the United States was standing there for all to see, literally embracing him and his lover.

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