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Obama on the Blogs

This just peeved me – from Obama’s interview with the New York Times over the weekend:

Even so, [Obama] said he did not find blogs to be reliable, citing the economy as one example.

“Part of the reason we don’t spend a lot of time looking at blogs,” he said, “is because if you haven’t looked at it very carefully, then you may be under the impression that somehow there’s a clean answer one way or another — well, you just nationalize all the banks, or you just leave them alone and they’ll be fine.”

Now that’s just a stupid thing to say – not only because he’s gratuitiously insulting many people who worked hard for him during his campaign – including me – but it makes him look like an idiot technologically. The problems isn’t “blogs” – and in fact, the substance of his criticism probably applies best to cable talk shows.

One reply on “Obama on the Blogs”

>> “Part of the reason we don’t spend a lot of time looking at blogs,”

Thats real funny. Thats only “Part of the reason”? What about because “I am the president of the US and shouldn’t really have time to look at the blogs.”

I lawl’d on “.. applies best to cable talk shows”.

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