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Trial lawyers want to protect your civil liberties!

Just kidding.

Here’s Dan Froomkin of the Washington Post eviserating Mr. Bush and his press secretary over the warrantless wiretapping mess:

The ratio of useful information to hyperbole in White House press briefings has gotten dramatically worse under press secretary Dana Perino.

Here are just a few of the argumentative, nonfactual statements from yesterday’s briefing regarding the furious political battle over warrantless wiretapping.

“[L]ook, the President’s most solemn obligation is to protect the American people. And in some ways it seems that the House Democrats’ most solemn obligation is to help protect the trial lawyers – they’re the ones who have brought all these lawsuits.”

The leading lawsuits, of course, have been filed by non-profit public-interest groups such as the Electronic Frontier Foundation and the American Civil Liberties Union.

“Q If this is such a big deal, why didn’t the President accept another extension?

“MS. PERINO: Because the House couldn’t even pass an extension bill, even if they had wanted to. They couldn’t pass it.”

They couldn’t pass it because Republicans voted against it – on instructions of the White House.

It didn’t take long for the White House to start echoing Karl Rove about how “trial lawyers” want to protect consumer privacy. I guess old habits die hard.  I’m sure this line of attack made it’s way to the White House via Mr. Rove’s role as “an informal adviser”.

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