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Email UPS to Stop Their Sponsorship of Glenn Beck’s Advocating Terrorism To “Save” America

[digg-reddit-me]I pride myself on being the type of guy who tries to see the other side. And I believe in America, everyone has a right to their own opinion – and to express their own opinion. And I think that our media often presents too narrow a range of opinions.

But can somebody please explain to me how either of these men can be allowed a soapbox to speak from? Fox News should take Glenn Beck off the air for this – and ban Michael Scheurer, despite his experience and knowledge of Al Qaeda. There are certain things that are acceptable – and then there is what is beyond that. Wishing for a major terrorist attack is over the line. Every conservative or right-winger that railed against Ward Churchill blaming the victims of 9/11 for their own deaths should be on this bandwagon – as these two commentators hope for more American deaths so that their political agenda will be adopted.

Tell me how else to interpret this?! Tell me how this isn’t treason! Explain to me why this isn’t over the line:

The only chance we have as a country right now is for Osama bin Laden to deploy and detonate a major weapon in the United States…Only Osama can execute an attack which will force Americans to demand their government to protect them…

Go ahead, somebody please talk me down from this – or if on the other hand email UPS and other sponsors of the Glenn Beck show to demand that they stop their sponsorship. (UPS is the only major sponsor I have seen – though let me know if you know of any others.)

Edit: I’ve contacted UPS to ask them to confirm their relationship with Glenn Beck and am waiting for a callback. When I get a response, I will find out a better method of directing these emails.

10 replies on “Email UPS to Stop Their Sponsorship of Glenn Beck’s Advocating Terrorism To “Save” America”

I truly respect the fair and balanced, although truth is often not fair and may not have an alternative. With that said, what is happening on the Beck show is shameful. The need for good counter arguments are essential, even for entertainment couched as news. To be creditable as a sponsor, I hope that you will insist on something more balanced and truthful as it relates to Healthcare, ACORN, Beck’s curious notions about economics, or his perceptions of Obama. I am particularly, concerned about the latter, because his comments focus more on race and stereotyping than a disagreement in principles.

UPS is a great company that is devalued by the association with Glen Beck. You should insist on a change or take your business elsewhere. It is my understanding that others have (e.g. P&G and Progressive Insurance).

“The man who never looks into a newspaper is better informed than he who reads them, inasmuch as he who knows nothing is nearer to truth than he whose mind is filled with falsehoods and errors. He who reads nothing will still learn the great facts, and the details are all false.” –Thomas Jefferson to John Norvell, 1807

Why did UPS abandon advertising on Fox News and the Glenn Beck show? Especially since Fox News pulls in the most viewers. Could it be the “reverse ” discrimination we have all seen from the Obama administration or were you targeted by and/ or pressured by the current administration. America has seen by his own words and actions how Mr. Obama feels about white people, even though he was raised by his maternal WHITE grandmother! You and all the other advertisers did not drop all ads from either liberal or conservative talk show hosts when the President called a white cop “acted stupidly – even though I do not have all the details” and ” I will look into the matter because Professor Gates is a friend of mine” nor did you have regret when Obama published his book with statements like “white folks greed runs a world in need”, “white folks are heartless and devious” it is all there for anyone who chooses to research his racist comments against white “folks”! But look out Don Imus with the description “nappy haired” – his job was gone in two weeks! I will not utilize UPS and will urge all my family & friends to boycott UPS until UPS publishes am apology to Glenn Beck and re-instate your ads on Fox News.

I completely agree with Ms. McHugh and am currently collecting an email list of the CEO’s of the 33 companies whom have made formal/public statements that the intend to pull their advertising. I am IN the demographics that these companies target. Homeowner, business owner, mother, grandmother, aunt, sister, etc. I work; and I work hard. I am a consumer. I am a Christian. I EARN what I have and I don’t look for handouts; and I have live my life with this philosophy. I am a big proponent of free market and capitalism. I am informed and watch television primarily for that purpose. I am too busy with life to spend my time in front of the tv for “entertainment”.

I do not see in color where we as a people are concerned. I do not belong to any radical groups and NEVER have. And I do not vote along party lines. Above all, I value the freedom and liberties that I and my family enjoy as citizens of America and the Constitution of the United States is MY bible. I have NEVER protested anything… until this year. And now I will protest this as well.

It is beyond me how any American company (Geico, Clorox, CVS, UPS, etc.) can be so influenced by such a racially charged group as Are these advertisers daft? I am the average American as defined above. I am their target group. I am one of the absolutely MILLIONS of viewers of Fox News and Glenn Beck. And I am now offended. Because I’m not racist, because I’m not a radical, because I’m not pro-spending and big government; I am not the audience that these companies are looking to appeal too? Shame on you all for being so easily led like the sheep you are. You’ll be led right out of capitalism and into the government run entity you deserve to be; where the government will dictate not only the salaries of your employees and CEOs, but what you can say in your advertising, who you can advertise to, how much you can spend, what you will be allowed to charge for your product, and how much of your product consumers will be “entitled” to.

Many of my family, friends, neighbors, and acquaintances feel as I do. I too will encourage everyone I can not to patronize these companies. I will direct them to this site. And by the way “2parse”; this is still America. You can “demand” that someone speak an alternate point of view, but you cannot “MAKE” them do it. US Constitution. Read it. And Mr. Rucker… UPS was not devalued by their so called “association” with Beck. However, their succumbing to the racially charged has. You see, we Americans who truly love our country and believe in the principals it is founded upon (free market, capitalism, just to name 2) understand that companies don’t advertise on programs and networks to forge an “association” with them. They are only trying to reach the maximum numbers in their demographics. To get their message out to the most people for the best price. Intelligent consumers understand this, and they don’t begrudge a company for trying to keep their advertising costs down.
You and your group sir, are as racially controversial and polarizing as anyone I can thing of and I as a company would put as much distance between myself/my company and you/your organization as I possibly could.

@D. Daube and @Melissa McHugh:

First of all, this post wasn’t about Glenn Beck’s calling Obama a racist. It is about Glenn Beck endorsing terrorism on America – literal terrorism – as the only way to “save” America. If you read the post – at all – you’d have noticed that.

I think your comments about rising “socialism” are interesting – as is J. R. R. Tolkien’s novels. Neither however correspond directly to reality.

With post, I am clearly not trying to “MAKE” anyone do anything. I am seeking to use the free market – which I am a strong proponent of – to protect my country. Glenn Beck has every right to say whatever vile thing pops into his head. I will fight for his right to say anything short of inciting violence. But he doesn’t have the “right” to be sponsored by companies I support. If a company I use is making the world a worse place, I – being a free citizen – will simply choose to use a different company.

It’s the free market, baby. It’s my right as a citizen. Perhaps you should remove the log from your own eyes before trying to remove them from mine.

And finally: “Me and my group” are not “racially controversial.” How can you write so much and yet read nothing? And how can you get your news from a self-professed entertainer like Glenn Beck instead of a serious news source?

Shame on you. But of course, you won’t reply to this. You posted only to shout at the moon – not to engage in conversation. And it is such conversation that is what has sustained America – and which Beck, and perhaps you, are attempting to undermine for sheer partisan benefit.

Where are the serious news source?Fox is the only serious news. You have the right to turn him off don’t you. You do no how don’t you? And we have a right to watch him .

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