Introducing a new feature: “Excerpts from my Journals”

Beginning tomorrow, I will be posting excerpts from the journals I kept during high school and college. The journals were a mish-mash of things – quotations from movies, songs, and books; diary entries about my day; lists of every sort; diagrams of historical events; reflections on art, theology, philosophy, politics; poems; news clippings; and other odds and ends.

I just picked up the books from my house a short time ago. I wanted to use some of the quotes I had taken down for the blog – but as I reviewed the books, I found that as often as I was deeply embarrassed by what I had written and noticed, I was impressed.

Starting tomorrow, I will be posting from these journals on a regular basis. I’ve edited some of the items slightly – for grammatical and spelling mistakes – and when needed I will give the items appropriate context.  I hope you all enjoy the new content.

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