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Republican Party to Ron Paul Supporters: Get lost!

[digg-reddit-me]One of the core magazine of the Republican conservative establishment has this explicit message to Ron Paul supporters:

[G]et lost. There should be plenty of room for [all of you] in Obama’s big tent.

The Republican party seems to be making no attempt to woo or otherwise capture the energy of Congressman Ron Paul’s supporters. I admired Mr. Paul’s campaign – even if I felt I could never support him. I believe that Mr. Paul’s campaign got some of the biggest issues facing America right – with regards to federalism, the balance of power, and executive overreach. On many other issues, I think he argued from a principled and insightful stance – one that those Republicans – and many Democrats – in power today do not take into account. In foreign policy, he was a military isolationist; on currency, he was against all regulation. These stances are radical – but reflect the reality of America less than a hundred years ago. Although many of those in power ignore this, there are still many fringe aspects of America that they ignore.

Now, the Republican party is rejecting the many young supporters of Mr. Paul – presumably because these elites see these supporters as part of the unwashed masses that get to have a say every four or so years, but who are essentially dumb creatures. There is a contempt for Mr. Paul’s supporters that is hard to fathom – especially for a party that is in decline.

I agree with Mr. Goldfarb of the Weekly Standard though. Barack Obama has many positions at odds with Mr. Paul. But I think Mr. Paul’s supporters can find something to support in Mr. Obama’s platform. And they are welcome in Obama’s big tent.

Here’s a grand liberal-libertarian alliance this November and beyond. (Do you hear me Kos? Freedom Democrats?)

14 replies on “Republican Party to Ron Paul Supporters: Get lost!”

I agree with some points of your post but disagree with other details…. I was voted as the NEW GOP chair and the vote was cast by not only Paul supporters but a number of Hucakbee supporters voted for me as well…. Not to mention hard core McCain supporters. It’s a small victory but it is a victory for Ron Paul Republicans. The GOP should court any new gop member I know our local GOP has grown no leess then 40% becuase of Paul supporters and they are not as young as you imply they are 25-50 years old.

Also, most people who don’t follow or understand Paul always get his millitary points wrong he has never nor will be a Milliatry isolationalist instead he supports non intermention… Currency? Well, look at the dollar as a nation we are now second to the EU… Was Paul’s warning about the dollar devaulation correct from decades ago? It sure was and now we see the resutls of our folly. So if it’s radical to support a strong dollar and get the hell out of other nations business then by all means call me a radical.

IN closing thanks for he article at least you understand a large part of Paul’s vision. Barack Obama? Never….. I would never support a CFR puppet who thinks its ok to strike a nation as he has proposed. I would never support Obama becuase he has no vision in regards to our economic issues and he himself will add so much more to our debt that I would never support.

No sir, Paul has my vote even if It’s written in.

IN closing, Many of us who have spent more time educating the population with limited gov themes are now seeing an even larger increase with limited gov views we are effecting real change while Obama only talks about it..

Perhaps the real test of Paul’s support is how he is effecting change in local areas of the nation. Last week we assembled over 475 people who picketed a local congressman to support one of Paul’s proposed bills… It was amazing to see the support and the local tv covered the details. We simple formed small groups and we now have 1-10 things we will support get this we even had Mitt, Keyes and Thomspon supporters at the picket….. Has obama or any other canidate inspired such action other then Paul? No….

In the end I’m proud to be identified as a Ron Paul Republican .

This is just not so. You are reading a few things that HOPE this is true. But they are just spreading FUD.

In NH where I worked for Ron Paul, all the GOP leaders are calling me up and asking me — where are the Ron Paul people? Tell them to get over here to our meetings!

NH is the place to be, I tell ya!

Last time I heard Obama mention Iraq, I think his statement was something like, “…ideally, late 2009, at the earliest…” I’m sorry. But I don’t think many RP supporters will support being in it any longer. If Barack was anti-war, he’d say the same thing RP has said ‘The day he gets sworn in, he’s pulling the plug.’ And that’s all it takes. I can’t imagine one single reason Barack or Hillary won’t 100% commit to that too.

IF I cannot vote Paul, I will not vote. To vote would make me choose the lesser of all evils by voting Nader, which is an idiot by all my accounts. While Paul had some strange ideas which I didn’t quite agree with, I feel he was the last, best hope for this grand country. The campaign showed me just how ignorant my fellow Americans are and how corrupt the system is. If I am going to live in a third world country the USA has become with tyrannical dictators and Nazi tactics, I will choose one which is affordable and people are not sheep led to the slaughter. I am considering the possibilities of expatriating South. Costa Rica, Argentina or Peru look very attractive. I know, I know, don’t let the door hit me in the a$$ on the way out. I am sure those leaving Germany in 1939-40 heard the same thing…

After all of your agreements with Ron Paul, it seems like a non sequitur (have I got the Latin right?) to say that you will not vote for him. Ah well, I agree with your agreements and will vote for him.

Vote for the lesser of two evils and you still get evil.
Dr. Ron Paul lays out his views and plans truthfully, Obama is a FRAUD!
Check out his sponsors at and you will see which interests he defends.
Ron Paul’s politics are consistent and financially sound.
If you continue to let the corporates choose your candidate for you, don’t be surprised when things get worse.
I will write in Ron Paul for president or none of the above!

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