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The growing chorus

An unusually intelligent argument (set to music) by Obama Girl on why Ms. Clinton should withdraw her candidacy:

Update: A female friend writes to me about this video: “What is wrong with her? Watching that video made me embarrassed to be female.”

I didn’t think it was that bad – despite the awkward attempts to insert barely clothed pictures of Obama girl into the video…She’s still making good points.

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Thanks for posting this crappy video. I must concede that it is technically well done, tho the slutty-looking silicone Obama woman does nothing for me as a heterosexual man. It does point out how repulsive that Clinton hag is.

Here is the new test for Mr. Barack “Change my diaper” Obama – will he stab his own guy in the back in reaction to the Jewish Nazis – see . If he keeps the guy they want him to dump, he may stil get my vote for having at least some indication of some sort of vertebrate bone structure, if not a spine.

>Update: A female friend writes to me about this video: “What is wrong with her? Watching that video made me embarrassed to be female.”

The “her” your friend is talking about is Senator Clinton, right ?

to Massimo:
Actually, she was talking about Obama Girl.

to Ominous Anonymous
The Republican Jewish Coalition you refer to may have extreme views, but it is ridiculous to call them “Jewish Nazis”.

I may not like Ms. Clinton, but it is also ridiculous to call her a “hag” – and I did not think the video used especially unflattering videos of her. The point of the video was not to show that Ms. Clinton was ugly, but to explain why she should withdraw from the race.

And your welcome for posting “this crappy video” – I’m glad you enjoyed it.

She makes the point that people need to get through their thick skulls, which is that Hillary is only helping John McCain by staying in this race. She joins the likes of Senator Dodd and Senator Leahy, and probably hits an entirely different demographic. Indeed, I think there are few who would rather look at wrinkly old white men than see Obama girl roll around in her underwear. And Bill is just green with envy.

And as for the Jewish post, I agree that calling them Jewish Nazis is counter productive, however their views are quite ridiculous, although I wouldn’t say that “extreme” relative to typical pro-Israel groups, where any mention of Israel not being perfect is met with cries of anti-Semitism. So Nazis? Definitely not. But I would say they are very similar to the likes of Joseph McCarthy.

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