Politics The Opinionsphere Considers Its Readers Gullible Idiots

[digg-reddit-me]I suppose it’s pretty clear from some of my posts that I subscribe to’s email updates. One thing that puzzles me is the sheer number and seeming shady-ness of the “investment opportunities” that TownHall sends out. You have to wonder what they think of their audience as they send out these quasi-scamming get-rich schemes every week. It makes you look at their political posts – which likewise seem to be geared towards gullible idiots – a bit differently. I mean – if you’re willing to mislead your readers, who have trusted you with their email address, with shady get-rich quick schemes offering “exclusive information” (sent out to millions no doubt) – and your readers put up with it – it creates a rather odd dynamic. I can’t imagine a liberal site getting away with any similar.

To see what I’m talking about, here’s an email I got this morning. (All links have been diluted with a rel=”nofollow” tag to make sure I don’t give this site a boost.)

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Attention Investor,

I just received a phone call about an hour ago that changed my perspective on some little-known market news on gold stocks. That’s why I’m writing you…I want you to be the first to know that gold stocks are outperforming stocks in other sectors…and let you know why they are headed up.

The call was from Dr. Willem Fuchter. He’s the renowned mining consultant who’s currently the CEO of Constitution Mining Corp. (CMIN.OB). He told me about a promising new development plan for their massive Gold Sands project…and it’s groundbreaking news that I thought you needed to know about before it hits the press.

Initial estimates from the already large discovery suggested that the property potentially held upwards of50 million ounces of gold…worth an amazing $46 billion.

But the most recent tests now indicate that there could be even more.

In fact, Constitution Mining could be looking at 100 million ounces of gold…which would make this the largest gold strike in modern history. This is an impressive bit of news for investors!

It could potentially turn a $10,000 investment into $431,000.

As you may know, I am a former executive in various departments, including foreign exchange and derivative settlement markets, with the legendary Switzerland-based investment giant Credit Suisse.

For more than 30 years, I’ve been privy to the closely guarded fortune-building and asset-protection secrets in the highest levels of Swiss investment banking. These strategies have helped the world’s wealthiest people grow even wealthier.

And that’s why when Dr. Fuchter called me, I wanted to immediately notify you about our conversation, because…

I think Constitution Mining Corp. (CMIN.OB) could skyrocket!

Dr. Fuchter revealed that the company received permits to proceed with the Gold Sands drill program, indicating the exceptional economic potential of the company…

Potential that could turn $10,000 into a 6-figure fortune within 12 to 24 months.

Read that again: A potential 6-figure fortune within 12 to 24 months

Analysts now estimate that, because of a breakthrough technology, Constitution Mining may actually be able to pull a mind-boggling 100 million ounces of gold—worth $92 billion—from the deposit. In other words, this isn’t potentially just one of the largest gold deposits ever discovered in South America—it could be one of the largest in the world!

Thanks to high-tech mining dredgers, Constitution Mining can now extract billions of dollars worth of gold for just $185 per ounce. And when gold is selling for around $900 that makes mining this site very profitable indeed!

Once in place, these dredgers should allow Constitution Mining to extract an astonishing 2.26 million ounces of gold worth $1.616 billion from the Marañón River in just 6 months.

And right now, this company’s market cap is a mere $50 million. Just imagine what’s going to happen to its stock once word gets out. Even if Constitution Mining is only able to mine half as much gold as I expect, its share price could still soar in a matter of months.

Just how high? Well…

Thanks to billions and billions in bailout money that have been pumped into the economy…plus Obama’s $1.845 trillion deficit…and his $3.5 trillion budget…we’re heading for double-digit inflation.

And you know what that means: Investors are going to be flocking to gold and gold stocks, and both could move to record highs in the next 12 to 24 months.

It’s even more serious than the inflation we suffered under the Carter administration…and the profits could be even greater than what smart investors made in the 1980 gold spike.

No wonder Merrill Lynch is predicting that gold will jump another 50% to $1,500 in the next 12 to 15 months. Citigroup is predicting $2,000 gold and USB is forecasting $2,500.

But the word from my sources in Zurich is that gold could rise to an incredible $3,000…and that’s why the world’s investment elite are buying it hand over fist right now.

When this amazing spike happens, “Dr. Fuchter” and “Constitution Mining” are two names you’re going to be glad you heard about today.

So your next question is probably about how much money, exactly, you could make in profits. I’m telling you this…

I see Constitution Mining’s epic gold discovery as having great potential to helping you make back everything you may have lost in the past 17 months.

I’ve seen it happen before with Seabridge Gold (AMEX: SA), which my inner circle recommended and invested in at $0.50 a share…only to see it soar to $39.50 over the next 4 years. That was enough to turn every $10,000 invested into $790,000!

And now Constitution Mining’s promising gold strike has the potential to double your wealth in a matter of months.

Let me tell you about the 3 most likely scenarios and how much money we’re talking about…

Scenario #1 could turn $10,000 into $269,400

Results from 500 holes drilled at the Constitution Mining site indicate a discovery that could be in the range of 100 million ounces. But even if it turns out to be just 1.4 million ounces—or 1.4% of the projected total—you could still make more than 25 times your money.

With gold selling at $900 an ounce, a 1.4 million-ounce discovery could generate $1.26 billion in revenue. Subtract the cost of extracting the gold—$185 per ounce, or about $259 million—and Constitution Mining would still be left with an amazing $1.001 billion.

Divide that by the 75 million outstanding shares and the share price could equal $13.47 per share!

That’s a 2,594% return…enough to potentially turn your $10,000 investment into $269,400! Best of all, we could see this kind of price explosion within 12 months.

You may be thinking that sounds impossible, I know. But recall, early investors in Kinross Gold, before its 1984 Fort Knox discovery, made 20 times their money as the stock soared 2,075% once the discovery became public knowledge.

And that wasn’t even the most profitable of the big gold strikes. After Barrick Gold discovered its famous 15-million-ounce mine in 1987…early-bird investors made an unbelievable 12,440% on their money,turning $10,000 into $1,254,000.

Now it could be your turn.

Take a look at Scenario #2, and a surprise revelation
that could turn $10,000 into $431,000…

The exploratory drilling on the site went down 32 meters, and the gold grades got richer every step of the way.

But in this case, the drills never reached the bedrock that underlies all gold sands deposits—and nobody knew for sure just how far the gold sands could go.

Well all that’s changed. You see, during my extensive research, I met a contractor named Hugo Romero who had done some relocation contract work for Petrex S.A., a Peruvian oil company, back in the early 2000s.

Mr. Romero was part of a crew whose job it was to bury a pipeline running through a portion of the Gold Sands district that crosses under the Marañón River.

The pipe was laid at a depth of 54 meters—almost twice as deep as the drill sites—and it was still in the Gold Sands, with no bedrock in sight.

This revelation makes it highly likely that Constitution Mining will be able to pull gold from much deeper than previously thought. And it gives me the confidence I need to consider it likely that the find will expand to at least 2.26 million ounces worth a whopping $2,034,000,000.

Subtract the $418,100,000 cost of extracting the gold…and that leaves Constitution Mining with a potential profit of $1.616 billion worth of gold!

Divide that $1.616 billion by 75 million shares and you could be looking at $21.55 per share—an astonishing gain of 4,210%!

That’s good enough to turn $10,000 into a potentially eye-popping $431,000! And again, it could happen in a matter of months.

When the time comes that the share price hits $13 or $14, I recommend pulling some of your profits off the table—but it also makes good sense to leave a portion of your money in play whenever the odds of success are so high.

But let’s look at my worst-case scenario for a moment. You’ll be glad to know it’s still enough to make more than 10 times your money!

Because Scenario #3 could still turn $10,000 into $133,466!

So for this worst-case projection, let’s assume for a moment that I’m wrong about the size of Constitution Mining’s discovery, and that it’s actually less than 1% of the 100 million ounces that are projected.

That would be 700,000 ounces of gold in all. And with gold selling for $900 an ounce, a 700,000-ounce discovery will generate $630 million in revenue. Subtract the $185 per-ounce cost of extraction ($129.5 million) and Constitution Mining could get $550 million.

Divide that $550 million by 75 million shares outstanding, and Constitution Mining’s share price could climb to $6.67 per share…for a potential gain of $1,234%!

And that’s how your $10,000 could turn into an astonishing $133,466.

Then, if gold goes to $2,000…that will more than double my estimates…and the amount of profits you could take away.

My calculations assume a gold price of $900 an ounce. For example, with $2,000 gold in Scenario #2, the share price could skyrocket to $54.69—which could potentially turn your $10,000 into $1,093,800.

That means you could become a millionaire practically overnight.

Are you beginning to see why I consider Constitution Mining to be my #1 gold stock for 2009–2010…and why I’ve recommended it to our wealthiest clients across the globe?

Now it’s your turn.

To profit with Constitution Mining, you need to get in now

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be sharing the results of my research with my extensive network of Swiss investment bankers who are all hungry for a great gold stock.

And they will be getting their own clients into this stock. Because these investment bankers are looking for real value backed up with real numbers.

And once word gets out that big money is moving into Constitution Mining, the stock price will start to move.

Now, let me tell you that when I first got wind of Constitution Mining, my natural skepticism kicked in. Why? Because my philosophy from years in Swiss banking is “Never trust, but verify.”

I’ve heard plenty of hot air from emerging companies before, and I wasn’t about to be seduced by a sales pitch.

But then I took a closer look at the information…and that’s why I form independent teams and only recommend stocks periodically because of the extensive research I do. We’re looking for the grand slam and that makes everyone involved feel like standing up and clapping.

Even better, my team, made up of independent geologists, including Dr. Vicente Méndez, made several trips to the mining site itself to check things out firsthand.

We’ve done our homework.

I have a stack of paper on my desk right now that’s 2 feet tall—and it’s all the research I’ve done on Constitution Mining…

Notes on the dozens of conversations I’ve had with mining engineers, geologists and even a one-on-one interview with Peru’s ambassador to Switzerland, Elizabeth Astete Rodriguez (excerpts of which appear in the pages of my Swiss Confidential newsletter that I’ll tell you more about in a moment).

In addition, I have the results of the 500 exploration holes that were drilled on the site…and a report from Sojuzkarta, the independent consulting firm based in Russia that audited and confirmed these results…

Plus, I have legal documents confirming that Constitution Mining has ownership of the site and the required permits to move forward with their development project…

You need to know about all of this. That’s why I’ve posted more free information and in-depth analysis on my website. Just go to to review it now.

I’ve also prepared a Special Report that hits all the highlights from my research and reveals all the key reasons why I’m so high on this company. It’s titled Constitution Mining: My #1 Gold Stock for 2009–2010 (a $19.95 value) and it’s yours free when you subscribe for 1 year to my monthly Swiss Confidential newsletter. In addition, you’ll receive the 2009–2010 Obama Crisis Kit that I’m giving away to introduce you to my service.

My new 2009–2010 Obama Crisis Kit—a $98.85 value—will bring you the peace of mind that comes with protecting and growing your wealth in the months and years ahead. I’ll send it to you absolutely FREE when you subscribe to my online monthly newsletter Swiss Confidential for just $77 for 12 issues—that’s 50% off the regular subscription price of $154. This is a total value of $252.85 for just $77. Find out more on my website,

Because now is not the time to sit on the sidelines…or waste your money on the wrong sector of stocks.

With the global financial turmoil that’s in full swing, you need sound analysis and investment advice you can count on. That’s why I’ve published the 2009–2010 Obama Crisis Kit in the first place.

You’ll get all the tools you need right now to begin rebuilding your wealth over the next 12 to 24 months…in spite of this economic crisis and the outrageous double-digit inflation that lies ahead.

When it comes to Constitution Mining, you don’t want to miss a single critical news alert—and as a subscriber to my newsletter, you won’t. Just go to to learn more.

I urge you to take a closer look at Constitution Mining Corp. (CMIN.OB) and make your investment early, while there’s still time to get in on the ground floor. Then follow my buy, sell and hold recommendations for the stock, which will appear in my publication.

In the meantime, be sure to examine the in-depth information about the stock posted on my website

Then what you should consider is going online or calling your discount broker to invest in Constitution Mining Corp. (CMIN.OB).

Because as soon as gold starts pouring out of that mine, the game is going to change and the herd will be stampeding to get in on the action.

There’s no time to lose. Don’t miss out on the sky-high profit potential that Constitution Mining presents…because it’s your best opportunity now to potentially turn your $10,000 investment into a 6-figure fortune.

Sending you my best from Switzerland,

Scott Smith
Scott Smith
Editor, Scott Smith’s Swiss Confidential

P.S. To learn more about Constitution Mining and get your FREE 2009–2010 Obama Crisis Kit, log on to now.


1,349 replies on “ Considers Its Readers Gullible Idiots”

On top of that. They have only mined one hole. NOT the 500 stated in the confidential alert that I received in the mail. VERY DECEIVING to say the least.

The hype on Constitution Mining has run the stock up from .75 to 1.36 in a little over a month. I have told these Junior Mining Corpraate Officers that
that they need to engage an indepent agent to witness and collect mineral samples and put them into sealed samples. The samples will then be assayed by registered reputable assayer, who has selected by lottery, by a x judge/arbitrator, from a field of respected registered assyers. The results of these samples would tell the would be investors whether their is any basis to invest..

In addition, Newmont, which runs the huge Peruvian Gold Mine close to this area is having huge problems with environmentalists and local residents. These folks may never be able to mine any of the gold.

Thanks for a fresh insight to this issue of Constitution Mining’s profile as a source for investment. I received a small magazine in the mail today from Scott Smith’s Swiss Confidential Special Alert touting the wisdom of investing in this company. His claims were basicaly the same as stated above. Being curious I Googled “Dr. Vicente Mendez, geologist and found this posting. All I can say is that if it sounds too good to be true…”it usually is”. Thanks again for your thoughtful input to this subject that has caused me to consider this as “case closed”.
Bets regards,
John Barea

Constitution Mining (CMIN), recommended by Scott Smith in December 2009 when it was at $ 1.25, now (March 7, 20100 at $ 0.82. Way to pick stocks Scott !!!
You are just an other charlatan (snake oil salesman) in a long string of phony newsletter publishers.

Their Disclaimer states “Albury Investments Limited paid $845,000 to marketing vendors….” Albury Investments Limited just happens to own (as of 2009) 60,000 shares (over 10%) of SWHN.OB, a Swiss Company – hummm. I wonder if SWHN.OB is a recommended stock of Swiss Confidential? I wonder if Scott Smith…aka who knows… has an interest in Albury Investments Limited? Follow?

Perhaps companies “sell” stock to Albury severely discounted’ Albury then proceeds to pump the stock via Swiss Confidential et. al. Demand exceeds supply econ 101, Albury sells appreciated stock; Rinse and repeat.

What if Smith and Albury and pumped companies are effectively related?

I wonder…..yes I wonder…..

Just wondering…..

Interesting. I held on to the write-up from Scott. I watched it go down from $1.25 to .62 and bot. Sold it when it swung up and aquired it again when it fell off the table. Let it go when it again got up. Last go around was mostly a push as it did not bounce much again. T’will be interesting to see if lightening in fact does stike this company. A small wager seems to be warranted should the IF ever happen. Vegas without the trip.

Scott Smith of Swiss Confidential is the worst kind of hack.

He was pounding the table so hard about Constitution Mining I finally gave in to curiosity and took out a subscription to his newsletter. Then like an idiot I bought a quite large amount of this stock. That was back in 2010 when it was at a dollar and he was urging everyone to catch it before it soared. Long story short barely 3 months after he was doing all that table pounding the stock fell completely off the cliff – down to $0.18 cents!

I got out of my position with a 50% loss and considered myself lucky to have escaped it at 50 cents. The stocks financial prospects turn out to be putrid. Of course I”m the greater fool to have bought it at his urging. When it was dropping like a stone, I had contacted Scott Smith’s PR company in Switzerland, and the “financial advisor” in Canada named Shawn Perger, of Foremost Investment Group, asking for some guidance as a subscriber who had bought it at their vehement urging.

Shawn Perger sent me a curt email saying he does not offer advice for less than $5000 an hour (??), and Scott Smith’s PR office did not return my calls. I then sent Scott Smith a formal request to refund me the measly $50 payment i’d just made for a one year subscription to his “newsletter”. No reply. This is after he posted flamboyant disclaimers all over his promo pieces that a subscription to Swiss Confidential came with an “ironclad guarantee” for a “no questions asked refund” for anyone displeased with his newsletter for any reason.

Scott Smith has about as much business acumen as my barber, and about as mucb ethical sensibility as a tout. He’s crap. A slimeball. And his colleague tout, Shawn Perger of “Foremost Investment Group” is an even more arrogant tout. They trumpet their popcorn “this little junior stock is going to the moon” brand of pop soda wisdom while groveling for subscribers, then slink away without another whisper when their $1.50 brilliant investment collapses to $0.15 cents.

I detest this type of complacent, unprincipled blowhard. I lost $10,000 letting my guard down to these two twits. And the stock? It’s never recovered since – still a penny stock, but this time only a *few* pennies. Someone ought to run Scott Smith out of the newsletter business. He’s a real slimeball and I’m a good factual case study to prove the immense damage his blowhard pronouncements leave in his wake.

*When I originally commented I clicked the -Notify me when new comments are added- checkbox and now each time a comment is added I get four emails with the same comment. Is there any way you are able to remove me from that service? Thanks!

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