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Brief Thoughts for the Week of 2009-08-28

  • To top off today listening to Steve Marlsberg is too much "Everything about Barack Hussein Obama is fiction!" he says, enunciating each word #
  • Workers using up to 20% of their time at work surfing the web for leisure are 9% more productive, than those who don’t. #
  • Finally a trivia question: Which Congressman/Senator had the first congressional website? #
  • Ted Kennedy: “The work goes on, the cause endures, the hope still lives, and the dream shall never die…” #
  • I hate the changes I need to make when retweeting someone's statement to fit enough characters to use their name – and "RT" #
  • RT @ezraklein Need program that locks me out of Gmail except at 30-min intervals. Think that program's "self-control" but my version's buggy #
  • For anyone out there who has ever asked for help with computer problems: #xkcd #
  • Chlamydia helps young men feel more 'manly': Swedish study #

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