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The Grandest Panjandrum lists why we have a right to be bitter:

A list of some things that have gone missing since January 2001

  1. 4 airplanes;
  2. 2 towers;
  3. 3000+ American citizens;
  4. 4000+ American soldiers;
  5. Scores of thousands of Iraqis;
  6. Osama Bin Laden;
  7. Ayman Al Zawahiri;
  8. WMD;
  9. An historic Southern city;
  10. An 85 year old investment brokerage;
  11. One third of the value of a dollar;
  12. $1.50/gallon gas;
  13. $25 per barrel crude oil;
  14. Half a million American family homes;
  15. 3.2 million jobs;
  16. Integrity, competence and personal accountability among our public servants;
  17. The economy of the richest nation in history;
    Adding a few items of my own…
  18. The balance and separation of powers between the presidency and the other branches;
  19. The respect and goodwill of much of the world for America;
  20. 8 years that could have been used to reverse climate change;
  21. Britney Spears’s sanity (although I don’t think this one is Bush’s fault.)

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