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Brief Thoughts for the Week of 2009-10-09

  • Awarding the Nobel Prize to Obama at this point's silly. But the reflexive resentment/anger of right wingers is truly pathetic. #
  • This use of Google Maps was inevitable: (Site a bit close to overloading, so be patient…) #
  • Bob Dole tells Repubs to pass health care bill; top Repubs told him "We shouldn't do that. That's helping the president" #
  • "This is my favorite memo ever." #
  • Glenn Beck tries to have taken down #
  • Daddy's girl #
  • Re. Afghanistan: Why choose b/t escalation or withdrawal at a time when the political picture is least clear? #
  • RT @BarryGoldwater: Creepy is not a crime, its a freedom extended to Liberals as well. #
  • Right wingers seem aware of legitimate questions about Obama’s policies – but choose to invent strawmen positions.. #

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