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Brief Thoughts for the Week of 2009-10-23

  • Republicans can't justify their newfound opposition to Net Neutrality so they decide to make shit up… #
  • Going a bit insane as the phone interrupts me every 5 minutes and I'm barely able to make any progress…. #
  • What Do the Taliban, Hannah Montana, and the Beatles Have in Common? #
  • How did I end up on the Brad Paisley train home? Cowboy hats all around & ignorant comments about how "Shimon Pers or whatev won Nobel too" #
  • It's okay. Just try it. There's no need to do any more work today… #
  • “She loves you — yeah, yeah, yeah,” we sang, with Kalashnikovs lying on the floor around us. #
  • Interesting graphic illustration of the theoretical worldviews of the right and left, though lacking in subtlety.. #
  • My horoscope: "You're still learning and perfecting your skills so be patient with yourself; you're just where you should be in the moment." #
  • Former Bush Attorney General: American Justice System Led to September 11 #
  • I tried Google Wave last night finally. Actually quite cool. #
  • "Hey – you can't arrest me if I prove your rules inconsistent!" #

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