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Brief Thoughts for the Week of 2009-10-30

  • Net Neutrality Is What Made the Internet a Libertarian Utopia. #
  • Horoscope as peppy aunt "Why should you let worrying about what others may think keep you from doing something you enjoy; isn't that silly!" #
  • "Yes, I am the popular social networking site Bookface." #
  • The Governator sends a "hidden message" to the California legislature. (The first letters of each line.) #
  • AT&T's sordid history of scamming the gov't to punish its competitors now culminates in attacks on Net Neutrality. #
  • "Where I come from, [Obama criticism of Fox] would barely count as basketball-court trash talk, let alone words of war" #
  • Karzai gave in because he knew Obama was serious while Bush had not been… #
  • Didn't realize there were so many flights: very cool video visualizing flight patterns across America. #
  • A nugget of radio wisdom from Glenn Beck, on surviving the coming collapse of all civilization thanks to Obama: "You can't eat gold." #
  • Funny on a few levels:"Virgo: You're so bent on doing for others, it may feel strange to meet one who wants to take care of you but enjoy it #
  • Horoscopes like today's remind me that they are directed mainly at women: Were you hoping to capture someone's attention: well just sparkle! #
  • Look, I'm rooting for the Yankees – but contrary to Girardi, he doesn't "deserve" another one… Damn Yankee entitlement mentality… #
  • Pretty psyched I seem to be able to surf the web on the train without a cell connection – but not sure why it's possible. #
  • Damn, it's pouring in the city…and the LIRR is almost completely dysfunctional this weekend… #
  • RT @jeffjarvis MSFT product cycle is 5 years; GOOG's is 5 days. #
  • xkcd, animated (with the original here #
  • Steve Marlsburg: "The people who don't have time to sit and listen to talk radio all day just don't know what [Obama] is getting away with!" #

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