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Brief Thoughts for the Week of 2009-11-13

  • If Pakistani terrorists had done to New Orleans what Bush’s hapless FEMA did after Katrina, he’d have invaded Iran. #
  • Wheelbarrow races never looked to good…Wait…WTF! (Thanks @reddit) #
  • Today is the last day you can vote for Tess! So, you know, please do it! #
  • RT @karenhanretty Sure hope Job Summit results in a Blue Ribbon Commission. Or maybe a Task Force. At least a White Paper w/ Action Items. #
  • "We need not look to the past for greatness, because it is before our very eyes." #
  • "This generation has more than proved itself the equal of those who have come before." #
  • "But as we honor the many generations who have served, I think all of us…must acknowledge that…" #
  • "This generation of soldiers, sailors, airmen, Marines and Coast Guardsmen have volunteered in a time of certain danger." #
  • A date late on my Veterans' Day tweets: "We are a nation that endures because of the courage of those who defend it." #
  • Fisking Camille Paglia on health care. Her column today rather pissed me off. #
  • This is exactly the sort of sensible criticism that – in my opinion – conservatives should be making. #
  • Yet another ad designed to be funny enough to go viral. #
  • Horoscope warning: Mistakes are normal but this many in 1 day can only mean 1 thing:people just don't understand you. Jokes will help, a lot #
  • Marijuana: Less Dangerous Than Aspirin #
  • Verizon pwns AT&T
    (H/t @gmoneil) #
  • "Oh, Michael Ledeen, to whom every Democrat is Chamberlain and every Republican is Churchill!" #
  • The video so awesome that it breaks YouTube: #
  • 95-Year-Old Yankees Fan Afraid He'll Never Get To See Team Win 27 More World Series. #

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