2parse.com Presents Exclusive Pictures of Obama Bowing to More Anti-American Groups

By Joe Campbell
November 17th, 2009

safest place to buy propecia online [digg-reddit-me]The right wing is aflutter with the news that Obama not only bowed to the Saudi king, but the Japanese emperor. Clearly, this man hates America and worships this foreign leaders. We all remember the pictures:

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But 2parse.com has an exclusive look at Obama bowing to various other anti-American groups.

(Update: And it turns out George H. W. Bush was a secret, America-hating Commie too.)

Little anti-American kids:

America-hating Girl Scouts:

Joe Biden:

More below the fold.

World War II veteran in wheel chair (probably a Commie):

A woman in a crowd:

A little girl:

The Universe (which has a well-known liberal bias):

People from Make-A-Wish Foundation:

An intimidating aide:

Bo, the America-hating Obama dog:

Yet another America-hating kid:

What is it with all these America-hating kids?

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