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Brief Thoughts for the Week of 2009-12-04

  • The Republican’s Generational Warfare #
  • "Virgo:Your superhuman ego may be tellin you that you can do it all w/o help but you cant" Meaning all Virgos've superhuman egos or just me? #
  • Instead of watching New Moon, read this LOLcatz interpretation. #
  • Charming use of Biblical quotes by the right-wing opposition “Pray for Obama – Psalm 109:8” #
  • My mom, seeming to use a computer mouse for the first time, "How do I click?" #
  • Obama’s FY2009 performance = relief pitcher entering game in the 4th inning trailing 19-0 & allows another run to score #
  • Are my tweets 'Meforming' of 'Informing'? Ans.: I think I write my blog to inform and tweet to meform about the blog. #

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