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Brief Thoughts for the Week of 2010-03-19

  • Must-Reads of the Week. #
  • @KamaainaInOC The relevance of that is? I mean-anyone can grab obscure quotes of congressman, take them out of context, and make them awful. in reply to KamaainaInOC #
  • Conservatives look to rich Hollywood elite to lead #hcr protest to deny help to poor Americans! (H/t @KamaainaInOC) #
  • CBO: Health-care reform bill cuts deficit by $1.3 trillion over 20 years, covers 95% #
  • A minor Google Maps miracle. (H/t @BuzzEdition) #
  • AEI member/legislative scholar Norm Ornstein on Republican outrage over reconciliation, "Is there no shame anymore?" #
  • @Stranahan Hey! Love good news from Twitter! Go Kucinich! #
  • @Stranahan I understand you oppose it. I just think you're being naive. If Kucinich ends up supporting it, does it make him a sellout too? #
  • @Stranahan The Swiss model isn't better than our current one – which is not only unsustainable but is the worst of all worlds? #
  • @Stranahan There's a difference between a "shared presumption" about what's possible and a deal to kill something. #
  • @Stranahan But read what the Times reporter said – and can't you see the headline exaggerates it? #
  • @Stranahan But my question is: Will this bill improve the system and will it make American lives better? in reply to Stranahan #
  • @Stranahan Of course deals were made! They always are! Social Security excl. blacks to start! Lincoln only freed slaves he had no power to. #
  • @Stranahan But show me how to get the votes for a stronger bill. Tell me who'll switch. Show me the evidence of bad faith on Obama's part. #
  • @Stranahan Call me an Obamapologist if you must, and use charged language like: Obama's a sellout in bed with ins. industry! #
  • @Stranahan Just because the health ins. doesn't hate it as much as they might doesn't make it worse than what we have. It's an improvement. #
  • @Stranahan Yet there's a lot to like about the reform bill. The exchange has the potential to change the way people think about hc. #
  • @Stranahan Explaining when health ins. switched: Health ins caught bribing people playin FarmVille #
  • @Stranahan Actually, yes: they are: #
  • @Stranahan Yet, ins. industry still is opposing the reforms. They want the best deal they can get, and if reform inevitable, to shape it. #
  • @Stranahan What's your theory then as to what Obama is doing? #
  • Reversing stereotypes. #
  • The political debate of 2012 [pic] #
  • "Institutions will try to preserve the problem to which they are the solution." #
  • Those storms you don’t hear about actually do the damage – while the ones hyped by local news end up fizzling. #
  • Sometime this morning, a big tree in my backyard (in Wantagh) was uprooted. Several pics here. #
  • Happened earlier today, but here's a pic of the downed tree on Beech Street in Wantagh. #
  • So far, I've got a shattered window, a blown-down fence, and a National Guardsman around the corner from me setting up flares. #
  • Wantagh takes on Glenn Beck. #

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