Brief Thoughts for the Week of 2010-04-16

By Joe Campbell
April 16th, 2010
  • Republicans have an absolutely brilliant strategy on financial reform. Too bad it's evil. #
  • My damn website host is suffering brownouts of service…Thus, the blog post I just need to add 3 links to still isn't up… #
  • How much do music artists earn online? [infographic] #
  • Populist right wing movements haven't been historically anti-gov't despite their rhetoric. #
  • John Hancock and 55 others like this: #
  • Apparently, my blog is down…Even as I have a post 'in the chute' and ready to go… #
  • Homeland Security plan to detect toxic agents w/cell phones that would alert owner and military monitoring station. #
  • Nuclear Policy in an Age of Terrorism and Madmen. #
  • Gov't's too incompetent to provide postal service, yet competent enough to torture & kill anyone it deems a terrorist. #
  • Daddy! #
  • Not exactly sure why, but I really like this picture. #

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