Cats are deceitful. . .


“This Cute video is by an English animator called Simon Tofield. He works for an animation company called Tandem Films.”

Update: Link corrected.

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16 replies on “Cats are deceitful. . .”

WONDERFUL What a delight and SO on target (Pardon the expression) Wish I could produce such fun. Thanks Matt, Kaye Bauer

Not sure where the religion comment comes in, but this is very funny, and I could totally see a cat doing these things!

the religion comment is a link to the previous post, which is a clip from West Wing in which the president takes on religious hypocrisy.

Ha Ha! This is my P.I.N.T.A. – notice the initials – she’s a little orange fireball – most mischievous… & a royal Pain In The Arse!! But I love her so. This is so descriptive of her. I’ve watched it over & over again. Good show!

I looooove the paw on the face. Mine scolds me (meow turns to Meh! meh!) if I don’t get to the food dish fast enough.

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