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Brief Thoughts for the Week of 2010-05-07

  • A map to demonstrate the toll that the militarization of the Drug War has taken. #
  • Must-Reads of the Week. #
  • Why Can't Right-Wingers Recognize Democratic Efforts to Tackle the Deficit? #
  • SWAT team v. dogs. No video this time. Just an old news story. #
  • By giving pros & cons, we risk people joining debate; then we lose control of a process that ONLY WE FULLY UNDERSTAND. #
  • Why Terrorists Aim For Big Well-Defended Targets. #
  • Canadian beavers have built the world's longest dam — so big it can be seen from space! #
  • Republican admits: Most right-wing Congresspeople don't want to win a majority in 2010 b/c governing is too hard. #
  • Continuing Atlas Shrugged — I'm beginning to doubt Ayn Rand was a human being. #
  • Smoking pot ="child endangerment." Storming home w/guns, killing pets as child looks on = necessary police procedures. #
  • They objected to hr-long radio play w/56m of elf's manifesto & 3m for love scene b/t Santa & cold, practical Mrs Claus. #
  • The childhood traumas that lead to libertarianism. #
  • My isolation index is +16, meaning that, on bell curve of all readers, my news diet is 16 % points to the RIGHT. #
  • Some rather good advice we should all take. (If we don't already.) #
  • @maggiesnotebook Kindly allow a grace period for trying to make political hay out of attempted terrorism. What you're doing is ghoulish. #
  • Illegal immigration is the Prohibition debate of our day. #

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