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Not All Church Signs Are Stupid

The progressive church down the block on me that I pass on my way home from work that made headlines for using their sign to take on Glenn Beck also apparently supports gay rights:


I always think of this church’s signs as a rejoinder to those idiotic ones that usually make the rounds through email, reddit, and elsewhere.

Not all religious people are idiots.

Of course: line dancing? Really?

[Image hastily snapped with my Droid walking home.]

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Chip, this creepy sign represents a new low below your usually bland trivia a la Tom Friedman or Andrew Sullivan.

How can you waste electrons by writing drivel of this sort.

Oh and Sulu was the douchiest character on the old Star Trek. Right down there below Nurse Chapman. I puke on the recollection.

and i puke on your repellent blog.


Octavius Mad. Octavius attempt to sound smarter than he is by saying “a la”. Octavius no understand how electrons work.

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