A very young Michael Phelps

By Joe Campbell
August 20th, 2008



If anyone knows the original source of this, let me know. I found it here. And the author is………

Patrick Moberg. Also the guy who met the girl with the flower in her hair on the subway

Edit: Welcome Andrew Sullivan readers.

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13 Responses to “A very young Michael Phelps”

  1. The Daily Dish | By Andrew Sullivan Says:

    […] From Photobucket via 2parse: […]

  2. sqwoday Says:

    Gary He created this for thehotnessfactory.com

  3. joe@2parse Says:

    sqwoday –

    do you have a link for that? i’d like to link to it if i can…

  4. Galaxy Says:

    Phelps is great and all, but that picture is more representative of Usain Bolt.

  5. joe@2parse Says:

    Sperm swim – they don’t run…

  6. Le forum de Trollune :: Voir le sujet - Connerie olympique Says:

    […] Salut, un petit dessin qui m’a bien fait sourire http://2parse.com//?p=737 […]

  7. michael phelps blogs - Dogpile Web Search Says:

    […] … sports.espn.go.com/oly/summer08/columns/story?colu… • Found on Yahoo! Search A very young Michael Phelps – 2parse/blog A blog about politics, prose, foreign policy, literature, Barack Obama, and liberalism. … Heh. […]

  8. Quidnunc Journal: Michael Phelps - one fast swimmer........ Says:

    […] saw this on Andrew Sullivan’s Daily Dish today and thought you might like to see it. It comes from here. Speaking of sperm jokes, this cartoon reminds me of an old joke: Why does it take 4 million sperm […]

  9. Primo post olimpico in onore di Michael Phelps « Surus Says:

    […] via | 2parse.com […]

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