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Barack Obama’s New Ad is Unfair


The Obama campaign’s new ad is an unfair and personal attack on McCain and his character. It’s a cheap shot. And it’s a perfect response to John McCain’s unfair and personal (and also dishonest) attacks on Obama in recent weeks.

This is how Democrats hit back.

If this is the kind of campaign McCain wants to run, there’s a whole lot more where this came from.

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Don’t confuse McCain’s personal attacks with exposes on how McCain is no maverick. He’s just anotehr fat cat Republican who has no interest in working Americans.

Obama’s ad clearly attacks McCain personally – painting him as a rich guy who doesn’t care about ordinary Americans. And that’s a good line of attack.

Why call it an expose` instead of an attack on McCain character? It is the latter. And the former.

I am a simpleminded moron, and this ad has convinced me that Barack Obama is the man to vote for, and that John McCain is a rich bum that should not get my vote.

I actually think that all the fluster of the media around this type of advertisement is completely idiotic, like a flutter of pigeons as someone crosses St. Mark’s Square in Venice – diverting to watch once or twice but ultimately, if you do it every day, sort of an annoyance. I dont care if McCain has seven houses and Obama has twenty (unless they are dollhouses or something psycho like that).

And I dont get this attitude about certain ads that are factually correct altho maybe misleading being low blows – if they are unfair, that has to be overcome by making a counterpoint.

We should in America be able to say that Obama is a black guy that would be a superintendent of an apartment building in Chicago but for affiremative action, and that McCain had no real military experience because his tour of duty consisted of a couple of bombing runs and seven years in the Hanoi Hilton, not a career engaged in battle. Neither is true but they are in the range of colorable comments.

The reason that we have free speech in this great nation is so you can really pull out the stops and make a case for what you think – In short, my comment to the onanistic media who criticize these campaign ads is SHUT THE HELL UP!!!


An ad released today by the Obama campaign in response to John McCain not knowing how many houses he has.
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Its amazing that one political party can unilaterally decide that a modest measure of wealth creates an automatic disconnect with middle-class working people. However, with the mainstream media in the tank any anti-Republican comment – regardless of fairness or basic accuracy – is advanced as gospel. Partisan politics has always trumped the media’s basic responsibility for accuracy.

Its also interesting that “wealth” was never an issue with John Edwards, John Kerry or even John Kennedy – all of whom are / were extremely wealthy and also monumental elitists. Having your assets tied in a properties, stocks, commodities, etc. is also personal choice and certainly does not make one insensitive to the needs of working class Americans.

As for not spitting out an instantaneous answer as to how many houses McCain owns – thinking through one’s investment property count isn’t always on the tip everyone’s tongue. Most spouses with 2 marriages and a handful offspring are likely to struggle to get it right instantly on the head count of their own children. Its also interesting that the question posed was couched in terms of “homes” as opposed to “properties” – obviously a loaded question designed to achieve a desired political consequence regardless of the answer.

McCain is no more of touch with working class people than B. Hussein Obama is a closet muslim. Both candidates need to control their media vipers.

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