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Choosing a Vice President

While the title of “greatest prank ever” remains speculative, experts from the Guinness Book of World Records verified shortly before press time that Obama’s announcement likely set the world record for the longest sustained silence from a crowd of over 10,000 people, at roughly over seven minutes.

Yup. (H/t Andrew Sullivan.)

The tension Obama has created by not naming a Vice President for so long is palpable.

Drudge is running the great headline: ‘WOULDN’T YOU LIKE TO KNOW?’ with a picture of a laughing Obama.

Another suggestion from two sources: Obama could announce his VP via a text at 3 am, to show he’s still awake at that time.

Right now, I gotta say, the smart money has to be on Biden or Bayh, although I’m not sure why they would create so much tension for an anti-climactic choice.

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