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It’s Joe Biden

[Image by SEIU International licensed with Creative Commons.]

In an email sent out at 3:30 am, the Barack Obama campaign announced that it had picked Joe Biden to run as Barack Obama’s Vice PResident.



  • He’s been involved in American foreign policy for twenty years.
  • He captured Rudy Guiliani’s essence better than anyone when he said, “Rudy Giuliani — there’s only three things he mentions in a sentence: a noun, a verb, and 9/11.”
  • He will attack McCain relentlessly.
  • He’s a Catholic (and Catholics are a key swing group.)
  • He’s old, with all the wisdom of being old.

2 replies on “It’s Joe Biden”

It’s Biden … and it’s over.

You left out other negatives:

He is a typical senator of the left, not from the executive branch.

He lacks a leadership personality and is just a talker.

He has not aged gracefully or heroically.

He isnt a happy person (the main trait for a successful presidential or vp candidate)

He is a pro-abortion Catholic, meaning he elevates political expediency over principle and also ethnicity over principle. In other words, he knows that as a catholic he should oppose abortion, but he doesnt for political reasons (violating principle for political expediency) and at the same time he remains a catholic in an ethnic way rather than honestly leaving the church and going to a church that in his mind teaches “proper” abortion morality. This sort of fits with Obama’s personality, but thats all.

The moral shallowness of this ticket will make it lose. Unless McCain selects Joe Lieberman as a running mate, I see another Nixon v. McGovern here. Obama will carry Massachusetts, New York, Hawaii and Delaware.

Tswelf Uhrenmacher.?? Did you notice Positive No. 3. He will attack McCain relentlessly? What more could you want from a Dem. V.P. running mate right now? This guy will do what reporters & media didn’t do, that is make McCain look senile. When the time comes for televised debates there will be gnashing of teeth from both sides but this guy will be the strong arm of Obama’s intellect.

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