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“A Clear and Present Danger to the Security of the West”

After listing the tremendous strategic blunders of the Bush administration‘s neoconservative approach to national security and foreign policy, Andrew Sullivan concludes:

Insofar as neoconservatives do not understand this, and cannot understand this, they are a clear and present danger to the security of the West. Their unwillingness to understand how the US might be perceived in the world, how a hegemon needs to exhibit more humility and dexterity to maintain its power, makes them – and McCain – extremely dangerous stewards of American foreign policy in an era of global terror. They are diplomatically and strategically autistic.

McCain’s response to the calamities of the past eight years has been to compound them all.

2 replies on ““A Clear and Present Danger to the Security of the West””

For several weeks I have been coming to this site and I must say, it has pretty weak content. At best there is a link to clever site.

Worst of all, this site is totally dependent on the output of the articulate but basically useless Andrew Sullivan, operating as a pretty much mirror site to his posts. That guy is like Tom Friedman in his capacity to package tedious blather as though it were thought. Nobody reads it except these journalists on TV bloviating and drinking their own bathwater. They run around reporting basically on themselves and act like it is news. Sullivan is of that ilk. Plus I think he is gay, so that’s four strikes.

Hey web-boy, how about some orignal thinking and comments on the site once in a while? Hurry up – it is really begginning to suck.

And stop quoting that loser Andrew Sullivan.

First – in the past 25 posts, Sullivan has been mentioned 4 times – once thanking him for linking to one of my posts, and once quoting him briefly. When a blogger I follow is on a roll, I quote them more often. Andrew Sullivan is on a roll.

There is a fundamental distinction between Tom Friedman and Andrew Sullivan which you would find if you actually read them. Friedman takes profound concepts and reduces them to corporate jingles. On occasion, he provides a unique insight; more often, he rehashes obvious facts. Andrew Sullivan has a unique and interesting political philosophy – and although his blog and other writings can sometimes seem a bit too excited, there is an intelligence and a unique point of view and philosophy behind it.

Which you would know if you had decided to familiarize yourself with his work before acting as if your emotional reaction to his cable appearances were objective truth itself.

And, yes, Andrew Sullivan is gay. Which you would know if you were familiar with his work.

Final point: you do not seem to be familiar with this new form of media known as a blog. There are some blogs that do well and are valuable additions to the public conversation that merely link to other sites; there are some that provide a unique point of view; there are others that provide reporting; there are many types. This blog attempts to combine the unique point of view with some useful links.

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