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“No Panicking in Obama-Land”

According to Noam Scheiber of TNR, the Obama campaign is pretty confident about their current position. Three weeks ago, the national finance board of the campaign met and was divided into two camps:

In one camp were the people relatively new to the world of high-powered fundraising, who seemed rattled by Obama’s standing in the national polls and the media narrative about Obama stalling out. In the other camp were veterans of previous campaigns, many of them former Kerry fundraisers, who felt comfortable–even encouraged–by Obama’s Iowa numbers and shared an overall sense that the campaign was on track.

In the end, Scheiber says, the newbies were comforted by Barack’s appearance and talk with them.

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They totally have a plan…it sounds like they’re going to do a yard sign drop on Nov. 6 (at least here in Iowa City) that I’m sure will catch people’s attention.

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