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Obama on Iran

In this piece in the New York Times tomorrow, Obama discusses what his approach to Iran would be. Not much news made in the interview in my opinion. Along with some criticisms of Iran’s actions of late, Obama stated that he would:

“engage in aggressive personal diplomacy”…and would offer economic inducements and a possible promise not to seek “regime change” if Iran stopped meddling in Iraq and cooperated on terrorism and nuclear issues.

His conciliatory approach to Iran seems like part of a smart strategy at this point given the Iranian people’s overall anger towards their own governement and affinity for American culture, as well as general demographic trends and tactical considerations in the region. I think his approach would be similar to Hillary’s – with the Senator from New York moving more slowly and putting in less effort, and probably posturing to try to ward off attacks from her right – but I truly appreciate the fact that he is telling the country now what he plans to do instead of running a campaign based on fear of Republican demonization.

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that’s weird. the political and broadway expert from my office told me that obama and clinton had completely contradictory views how to best deal with iran. well, if you say so…

Obama should find some way to talk to Iranian officials directly to settle the rooted issues.In fact, Iran has a crucial rule in the region.This will help both sides, after all.Let’s not forget the famous saying,” Let the sleeping dogs lie.”

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