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Tuesday, March 3rd, 2009

Andrew Ross Sorkin and Mary Williams Walsh in the New York Times:

The loss that A.I.G. is preparing to report on Monday would be the largest ever by any company in a single quarter.

Tom Friedman quoting Ian Bremmer:

“As we look at 2009, on every issue, with the single exception of Iraq, everything is worse…Pakistan is worse. Afghanistan is worse. Russia is worse. Emerging markets are worse. Everything big out there is worse, and some will be made even worse by the economic crisis.”

There is a geopolitical storm coming, concluded Bremmer, “and it is not priced into the market yet.”

Tim Bowler of the BBC reports:

The biggest challenge facing China is not slowing growth but unemployment, which could trigger social unrest, a Chinese government minister has said.

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Monday, February 2nd, 2009

The BBC proposes reintroducing a word from the 1930s into the current lexicon: bankster.

Readers of the blog – and friends of mine – know that I have a deep and abiding hatred of the Bank of America. Of course, this hatred was based on my own personal experience with that sorry institution. I did not know the back story – of a poor immigrant who used his bank to build a community, who financed the Golden Gate Bridge and Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, who refused pay increases or bonuses, who helped rebuild San Francisco after the great earthquake of 1906. This only makes me despise even more the institution that grew from this good bank – which perverted the bank Amadeo Peter Giannini founded.

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Bush to Attack Iran as an October Surprise?

Monday, June 23rd, 2008

After the past seven years, would you put it past this administration?

Andrew Sullivan is on the case:

Could Bush bomb Iran before the next election and create a sense of international crisis that could cause voters to swing back to McCain? From everything we know and Bush and Cheney, the answer, surely, is yes

Bill Kristol suggested on Fox New Sunday yesterday that Bush might attack Iran if it “looks like Barack Obama is going to win.”

John Bolton, also on Fox New yesterday suggests that Israel might decide to strike Iran before a President Obama took office.

Earlier this month, Israel conducted a massive war games exercise that American sources suggest was a test for an attack on Iran’s nuclear program.

The drumbeats of war are growing louder.


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