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Thursday, December 10th, 2009

[digg-reddit-me]I love subscribing to’s emails. They are often good for a chuckle.

But what truly surprises me is the absolute contempt they show for their readers. Obviously, the website promotes political lies and makes no attempt to disguise this. But, as conservatism today has devolved into a reality-show equivalent of  thrillers like The Da Vinci Code or any Vince Flynn novel – complete with ominous music that would play in the background if these novels are movie-fied – the fictional world created by these lies seems to provide enjoyable entertainment.

But apparently believes its readers will not only gullibly accept lies that confirm their political convictions, but are gullible enough to invest money in all sorts of shady enterprises and get-rich-quick schemes. Back in August, I posted one such email – in which allowed an advertiser to use its brand and email list to send out a promotion for a newsletter suggesting that you too could get “A potential 6-figure fortune within 12 to 24 months” by investing in Constitution Mining Corp. Nearly 5 months after this email – but to be fair, less than the 2 years they are talking about – Constitution Mining Corp. has increased in value from $1.25 per share on the day of the post to $1.53 today. A significant increase, but nowhere near the 430% return discussed in the email.

Now, has sent out another amusing email (full text here for the patient and curious) – this time promoting a special investigative exposé:

Special Investigative Exposé

“The $50 Billion
Shadow Syndicate”

How a Ruthless Government
Conspiracy Could Make You
$97,500 Richer by March 2010

*(The following true story will make you mad as hell. It could also make you very rich…)

The email, when printed out, was 21 pages long. But in its 21 pages, it did not manage to mention the name of the company it was promoting. To get that, you need to buy the $49 subscription fee for BreakAway Investor. Of course, Michael Robinson, editor of BreakAway Investor, didn’t make that clear until about 15 pages in. But in the meantime, Robinson spun a fantastical story  of a dark, nefarious conspiracy – which you too could become rich by participating in!

I can’t emphasize enough how extraordinarily unique this situation is. In fact, the last time an opportunity this explosive… and this lucrative… came along was in 1933…

… right in the middle of the Great Depression…

… when a similar U.S. government “conspiracy” sent tiny military contractor EBC soaring 55,000%… turning a handful of people into multimillionaires.

Folks who got in early had the chance to turn a $5,000 investment into $2.5 million.

The opportunity I’ve uncovered today offers similar riches. And while a 55,000% return might take a while…

… folks who get in now — on the GROUND FLOOR — could be $97,500 richer by March 2010. Maybe a whole lot more…

There is one catch, however…


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