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Breaking Through the Fog: Barack Obama’s Plan

The New York Times reported on the struggle Obama is facing trying to break through the media fog that has focused on the small daily controversies the McCain camp keeps feeding the press. From Lipstick on a Pig to questions of patriotism and the never used Logan Act, this is the McCain camp’s deliberate strategy – distract and hope that by the time people start paying attention to the issues, it will be too late.

Given the financial crisis unfolding, and in an attempt to break through this fog, Obama released this simple ad – just two minutes of Obama speaking to the camera.

The Plan he asks you to check out is here.

Excerpts from his original speech on the subject a year ago today is here.

His follow-up speech as the crisis began to deepen this March is here.

My summary of his broad economic agenda is here.

The New York Times’ attempt to understand the underpinning of “Obamanomics” is here.

Some lies being spread about Obama’s tax plan and economic issues are here. The ad McCain released echoing these lies is here.