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I hope that you forget about your MySpace…


sweetafton23, also of the offbeat reddit hit, Britney Spears’ ‘Toxic’ on a ukulele, apparently has some of her own material.

Some sample lyrics:

The years are going by so fast – it really is bewilderin’;
and we’ll be so called ‘grownups’ and have mortgages and children.
I hope we all gain worldliness and wisdom and maturity;
but I hope most of all that MySpace falls into obscurity…

I hope our profiles all go dead, entombed in distant servers –
a monument to our youth, though lacking its observers.
Your page will be an empty shell when no one is behind it
I hope your MySpace stays forever …and i hope that your kids find it.

I hope that you forget about your MySpace;
I hope it slips completely from your mind,
and I hope it stays up long enough for the next generation to find;
and I hope that it embarrasses your children;
I hope their bratty friends all forward it around.
And I hope you forget your password so you cannot take it down…