Why Hillary Clinton Should Withdraw From the Race Today

By Joe Campbell
January 23rd, 2008


For Part 2 of this two-part case, check out The Case for Barack Obama.

I realize, of course, that Hillary Clinton will not be withdrawing from the race any time soon. And I realize that, from a short-term political perspective, it makes no sense for her to do so. She just won New Hampshire, Michigan, and more overall votes in the caucus in Nevada. But all the same – if Senator Clinton truly believes in the values she claims to, if she would rather liberal values prevail than gain power herself, if she would rather America unite under the next president instead of becoming further divided – she must withdraw her candidacy. Whether she throws her support behind John Edwards or Barack Obama makes no difference. Either individual can unite the country. Hillary Clinton cannot.

Here are 11 reasons Hillary should withdraw now:

  1. Her experience argument is bogus. Even if it were true, historically, experience is a poor predictor of presidential success. Further, anyone who claims to be prepared to be president “from day one” is lying – because no experience can prepare you for the presidency.
  2. Her most successful and most-used tactic against Barack Obama in the primaries and caucuses – suppressing voter turnout – will ensure her loss in the general election as it alienates many of those who she most needs to appeal to – younger voters (under 55), black voters, and swing voters. The Clintons have also introduced identity politics into the primary – and have tried to encourage racial polarization, especially between Latinos and blacks. The Clintons are running a campaign very different from most primary campaigns – they are attacking Obama with a ferocity usually reserved for attacking Republicans in the general election. In an election that splits the country roughly 50/50, Hillary can’t afford to lose anyone. At the rate she is going now, she won’t be able to put together a winning coalition.
  3. Bill Clinton became an admired elder statesmen after retiring from the presidency. The fact that he was still chasing skirt became a quirk rather than a political liability and a possible threat to the Democratic Party. And things like this might be considered charming. Now, he’s become Karl Rove with Secret Service protection, a bigger media presence, and with the same lack of conscience. Even top neutral Democrats are telling Bill to shut up. I’d like the old Bill Clinton back.
  4. If Hillary Clinton wins, her success will become a lesson in how women should achieve power: marry well; put up with any humiliations your husband throws at you, and then, maybe, if you fight dirty, and ask your husband to run your campaign, you might be able to ride his coattails to your “own” political success.
  5. The Clintons are relying on the laziness and stupidity of the American people to attack Barack Obama unfairly: through lies, distortions (eg. regarding Reagan), and other unconscionable means. It just goes to prove the most dangerous place to be in America is between the Clintons and an elected office.
  6. Her three most significant political acts: botching health care reform and setting it back for a generation; deciding to stonewall independent investigators, Congress, and the press on Whitewater, and voting for war with Iraq.
  7. The Democratic Party has a once-in-a-generation opportunity to re-align the country and reinvigorate liberalism and America. Hillary Clinton has shown no interest in seizing this opportunity or any capacity to rally Americans to a broad consensus. She remains a highly polarizing figure. Her winning strategy does not involve winning a significant majority but eking out a 51% win by micro-targeting, niche marketing, and espousing incremental targeted policies – all working off of a broadly Republican status quo.
  8. The Clintons are fundamentally and irredeemably corrupt. And we don’t need to have a Clinton dynstasty to rival the Bush dynasty.
  9. No other candidate can rally the Republican base and right-leaning independents as effectively as Hillary Clinton.
  10. Hillary Clinton use language exactly as George Orwell lamented in “Politics and the English Language” – to hide her true intent and demonize her opponents.
  11. Her breakthrough moment came when she her eyes got misty over how much effort she had put into making the country better.

Bonus reason: George W. Bush, and some number of his supporters, see her as the best candidate to protect the Bush legacy of torture, preemptive war, and executive overreach.

Hillary –

For the good of the Democratic party; for the liberal ideas you have fought for; for the good of the country – drop out of the race today.

We know that Obama is not perfect. But he’s the best chance we have of creating an electoral shift around liberal ideas. If you can take a step back from your campaign – I’m sure you would realize that. You are running against him with a fury Democrats normally reserve for Republicans. You seem to believe that creating a Clinton dynasty is the only chance America has to “not fall backward”. But you’re wrong. Get over yourself.

Please Hillary!


-a committed liberal, Democrat, and Barack Obama supporter

Edit: I am not hiding my name as one of the commenters alleges. My name is Joe Campbell, and I stand behind this post.

Another Edit: Welcome Andrew Sullivan readers!

Updated: The New York Times has endorsed Hillary Clinton. Make your feelings known.

Updated: Responding to some of the comments suggesting that Obama and Hillary are the same.

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118 Responses to “Why Hillary Clinton Should Withdraw From the Race Today”

  1. beth texas Says:

    sorry, sycophants.

  2. Jane Doe Says:

    Hillary Clinton voted for The PATRIOT Act,.
    She voted to re-authorize The PATRIOT Act.
    She voted for the war in Iraq.
    She voted for the FISA Bill ( spying on innocent Americans)
    She voted for CAFTA
    She wants MANDATORY Universal Health coverage for all Americans , including mandatory annual psychological profiling of all

    She is a “PROGRESSIVE”- a thinly veiled made up term that actually means Fascist Statist politician who does not believe in acknowledge
    or support The Constitution, Bill of Rights, Declaration of Independence and our unAlienable Rights.

    Check out her voting record at The Congressional Record.

    I support RON PAUL for president and will do a write in vote. If you want to be a sovereign citizen with Constitutional protections-
    do the same!

  3. Why Hillary Clinton Should Withdraw From the Race Today | Dan’s Stuff Says:

    […] read more | digg story […]

  4. mr. white Says:

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  5. Raymond Colbert Says:

    Reading this seems like a long time ago now! It’s great to see Hilary doing a great job as a Secretary of State.

  6. Krystina Skyberg Says:

    This show was not for “somebody”. This show was for EVERYBODY! If you have made it out of the first grade then you have wronged someone else. If you survived that initial school experience someone has “wronged” you. Choosing to forgive (and you may have to “practice” forgiveness do it over and over until you find you have no more emotion about the original wrong) is the ONLY way to have a peaceful and successful life. Thanks, TC! I needed this!! Desperately. You CAN forgive and forget. But first you have to forgive BEFORE you can forget. As always my prayer for you is Peace and Blessings!!

  7. DailyPUMA Says:

    You sure look like the dumbarse now. Obama has been a disaster, allowing millions of people to unfairly lose their homes.

  8. Joe Campbell Says:


    Right. I’m not sure what in Hillary’s relentlessly centrist record makes you believe she would have got something done on this issue.

    But I’m not really sure how many presidents would have the past 4 years so well as Obama has.

    Preventing an economic collapse;
    Bin Laden;
    Health care (which Hillary failed at in 1993);
    The progress on gay rights.

    Bill – Hillary set back gay rights about 5 – 10 years by first pushing to allow gays in the military and then trying to cushion themselves from the backlash by catering to homophobes with DADT and DOMA.

    On health care, they tried and failed. Obama succeeded.

    On economics, it was the Clintons who helped lay the foundations for the Wall Street excesses that were to come — though their legacy on the federal budget was better than anyone in recent memory.

    Overall, it’s hard to see how someone with liberal values can fault Obama too much — unless the person is a purist on executive power, etc. — in which case, you can see a strong argument that Obama wasn’t enough of a reversal of Bush — but Hillary almost certainly would have been just as bad on this count.

  9. DailyPUMA Says:

    Joe Campbell, It’s this type of delusional reasoning that I find frustrating.

    But the bigger picture is this, the progressive democrats demonize the republicans, the neo con republicans demonize the democrats. The result is the vast moderate middle, where real solutions occur, have been muted by the progressive media led by MSNBC.

    The vast moderate middle continues to be shut out and that is why virtually no present day issue receives real introspection and discussion. The issue of gay marriage is very complicated. I recently wrote an article about gay marriage in a way that the progressive democrats nor the neo con republicans would ever discuss, and that is why both sides continue to battle, polarizing the larger moderate center with their angry and insane back and forth barbs.


    The same goes with the issue of a state pension fund that is going out of control. No real centrist discussion in which actual math and also sacrifice by those who work state jobs is used to properly gauge and discuss the issue of out pension funds and the state budget.

    I can go on, the issue of consumer debt. Neo Con’s say, “get a job”, progressive democrats clamor for “debt forgiveness”. Both positions are incredibly stupid, and devoid of true problem discussions that once again, the moderate middle would pursue.

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