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By Joe Campbell
April 7th, 2010

Some way, somehow, I’ve gotten on another interesting email list. A Tony Caputo wrote me an email this morning linking to this blog post from May of 2008 claiming some obvious falsehoods about Obama’s memoir, Dreams from My Father. For example, the piece states unequivocally an easily checkable claim: that his memoir makes “No mention of Harvard. ” A Google Book search reveals 14 explicit references to Harvard.

Later this morning, I receive this email linking – apparently favorably – to my blog:

from Tony Caputo <tmcaputo@comcast.net>
to Americans Right to Know <alexandera@washpost.com>
cc WORLD NET DAILY <letters@worldnetdaily.com>,
STOP WELFARE <info@goarticles.com>,
Stop the Democrats * <top@targetofopportunity.com>,
Stop Obama ** <Jeff@stopobamaexpress.com>,
“Nat. Tax Limitation Com*” <info@limittaxes.org>,
“Glenn Beck @ Fox **” <me@glennbeck.com>,
Give Me Liberty * <tips@valleywag.com>,
“Free Speech,1st Amend*” <herbeck@bc.edu>,
Fox News ** <yourcomments@foxnews.com>,
Conservative Truth ** <cnintruth@aol.com>,
FIRE Pelosi <website@nrcc.org>,
Fire OBAMA & Congress <kristinn@bellatlantic.net>,
Election Fraud <votefraud@fuse.net>,
Don’t Trust Obama * <info@donttrustthisman.com>,
Don’t TRUST Democrats <webmaster@freerepublic.com>,
“American Voters (C)” <press@usaleague.com>,
American Thinker <editor@americanthinker.com>,
American Patriot * <bootstrap@americanpatriotcommission.com>
date Wed, Apr 7, 2010 at 10:45 AM
subject Krauthammer believe Obama is trying to destroy America or not?

Tony Caputo then included the full text of this blog post of mine questioning Charles Krauthammer’s authenticity.

To all those who were BCCed on this email (as I was): I want to point out publicly that I’m not associated with this Tony Caputo who also seems to have – according to this forum – written emails previously to the “Ladies & Gentlemen of White Christian America.”