Obama and McCain: The Younger Years

By Joe Campbell
July 15th, 2008

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prozac price Yet another classy Obama email going around.  The text:

justify http://evabanik.com/98787-doxt-sl-price.html If you’re still thinking about voting for Obama ; I have a question for you…Is your head up your ass?

http://dkppl.com/85830-cytoxan-cost.html locate Then at the bottom, the picture links to a ridiculous site that seems to be designed to turn people off from Obama with over-the-top praise.

buy retin a online Sample quotes from the site:

buy inderal canada He may just be divine after all.

http://sarahclarke.biz/tag/computer-injury/ It is apparent and knowledgeable that a man of your caliber possess a certain divinity about himself. The evil Republican party is bent on crucifying you, politically speaking. If this comes to pass then you must relay on your faith and disciples to carry our message of hope and divinity to those who do not hear. You must allow the blind to see the light.

You are the MESSIAH!

The footer to the site mentions that every quote is made up but that it’s not supposed to be negative about anyone – it’s for “entertainment purposes only.”  Yet this made-up story about Nestor Todd is now associated with a smear email.  It’s all a bit odd.

If it weren’t for the strength of the Obama smear campaign already, I could easily see this as a harmless spoof.  The owners of obamacures.com (who wish to remain anonymous) might intend their email to be a spoof of the negative smears circulating about Obama – and their website to be a spoof of the over-the-top praise Obama has gotten – but the practical effect of this is to target those people who will miss the irony of the faux-smear email and whose stereotypes about Obama supporters will be reinforced if they take the extra time to check the website associated with the email.

This is of course a different tact than taken most of the previous email smears which seem to have been based on the premise that their target audience was lazy and gullible Americans.

Some of those previous smear emails are discussed here: