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Where can i buy viagra in darwin, Cheap viagra radio ad

By Joe Campbell
August 29th, 2008

[digg-reddit-me]Why I Support Obama

Obama is a liberal pragmatist, with a conservative temperament, who seeks to understand the world as it is, to identify our long-term challenges, and to push (to nudge it) in a positive direction by tinkering with processes and institutions and creating tools to get people more involved in the government.

The sentence was buried in this post.

Why I Oppose McCain

He’s an excitable guy, reputed to be so unstable you can’t wear a tie around him, with an economic policy identical to Bush’s, benefiting the biggest corporations and the richest individuals – after Bush’s policies have been proven disastrous, shrinking the middle class, and leaving our economy less stable – coupled with a foreign policy more hawkish and more determined to undermine the international order than Bush’s, but based on the same misconceptions and moral cowardice – after Bush’s foreign policy has made our country weaker in nearly every region in the world.

Why I Support Obama Over McCain

Enough. We need Change, Before It’s Too Late.

And I’m confident Obama can pull this off.

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