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She was born with ovaries! I was born with ovaries!

Michelle Cottle over at The New Republic suggests what the Hillary supporters’ response to McCain’s pick of Palin should be:

How insulting, how condescending, how downright patronizing of Senator McCain to attempt such ham-fisted identity politics. Does he really think women are so pathetic, so irrational, so weak-minded that a former supporter of the proudly pro-choice, feminist, progressive, grand and glorious Senator Clinton will now look at this staunchly conservative, possibly promising but currently totally unqualified woman from Alaska and think, She was born with ovaries! I was born with ovaries! Hell yeah! You go girl!

One reply on “She was born with ovaries! I was born with ovaries!”

There are those whose thinking in a superficial way and would to vote for Obama because he is sort of black, Clinton because she is sort of or McCain because he is Caucasian. That is I guess identity politics as termed by the quoted author.

That venality is certainly more the purview of the Democrats. Didnt they elevate the superficial of gender of ethnicity in their candidate selection while sub silento smirking at the the fact that McCain was an old white man? And now that contemptible stratagem has been deflated. No wonder that they take the defeat so pooly – imagine how it feels to fight dirty and lose!

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