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Stop ObamaCare Before Obama Murders Your Comatose Wife and Infant Daughter!

[digg-reddit-me]I received an email this morning from entitled, “ObamaCare Equals Government Funded Euthanasia” with the above image. I’m sort of curious why they couldn’t have just shown a picture of Obama with a gun to the baby’s head. It would have been more effective at getting their message across. But then again, they might be concerned about losing the white male gun owner vote – ’cause after all, its hard to maintain that Obama is both a liberal pansy (who’s the next Hitler and therefore is going to take away your guns) and that he carries a Glock around so he can take out any infants he sees.

But I take this email to demonstrate that the right is now stepping up its blizzard of lies about the Democratic health care reform bill over the August recess. Here’s some context for the photo:

Everyone knows that nationalized healthcare is a terrible idea but everyday we unearth even more awful details in what is in the proposed government-run plan.

A nation of Terri Schiavos with a National Euthanasia Bill?

In 2005, a COURT ordered the removal of a feeding Tube from Terri Schiavo. It outraged a nation. If the Government takes over health care, bureaucrats will decide who lives and dies in America. In the name of “creating efficiencies,” they will delay – or deny – treatment to critically ill patients because it costs too much.

We will have a NATION of Terri Schiavo’s, with a faceless Federal Bureaucracy pulling the plug instead of a Court.!

Sound crazy? It happens every day in Great Britain.

You can STOP what will in effect be government sponsored euthanasia in America if you ACT NOW.

If you care about the Sanctity of Life, the proposed Government Takeover of Health Care is an attack on your values.

It’s quite interesting that Town Hall would bring up Terri Schiavo – the pinnacle of right-wing overreach that helped alienate libertarians from the Republican camp – and that led the public to near unprecedented levels of agreement over the matter. 62% of Americans favored removing the feeding tube – and 82% of Americans believed that Congress and the President should have stayed out of the matter. Yet Town Hall – speaking only to its base – sees Schiavo as a rallying cry. And not just to their base – they claim that the removal of the feeding tube, “outraged a nation.” I wonder what it accomplishes to lie to your base and tell them that they are the real majority, aside from radicalizing them and alienating them from the American system.

But getting back to the substance of what they are claiming, they bring up a repeated right-wing canard – that:

If the Government takes over health care, bureaucrats will decide who lives and dies in America. In the name of “creating efficiencies,” they will delay – or deny – treatment to critically ill patients because it costs too much.

So many inaccuracies – as, to start, the Democratic health care reform doesn’t lead the government to take over health care. At worst, it would lead to a government-provided health insurance. And any health insurance – private or public – will deny treatment on occasion due to expense. The problem with our status quo is that rationing occurs both by cost – depending on what insurance plan you have and by health insurance company bureacrats whose job it is to deny as many treatments as possible and/or to rescind your policy if they can’t deny the treatments. That sounds a lot less like rationing and more like a war that health insurance companies are waging against the sick of America – a war in which their goal is to maximize their profits regardless of the cost to society or their paying customers.

As to the Democratic health care reforms endorsing government-funded abortion and euthanasia, I truly wonder who actually buys this load of crap. Clearly, it is an attempt by Town Hall to manufacture outrage – but who is stupid enough to believe this? Too many people, I’m sure.

Edit: On reddit, criswell improves the image, writing:

Man, look at his eyes! Obama sure hates that baby!

That pic is all kinds of win…. But it could be better… It may be too subtle for your average American… It needs… something….. Hmmmm….

Edit: Welcome Andrew Sullivan readers!

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16 replies on “Stop ObamaCare Before Obama Murders Your Comatose Wife and Infant Daughter!”

Great post. I particularly find the Schiavo references perplexing for the same reasons you do. Michael Steele on Friday did the same thing. Said ObamaCare will “make Terri Schiavo look like a walk in the park.” I assume he thinks 1. as I note here*, that Americans have forgotten that the Republicans were responsible for the fiasco surrounding her death (which is more typical paternalism) and allows them to argue that government intervention is a very terrible thing or 2 that Americans were really behind the president on his efforts to prevent Schiavo’s feeding and hydration tubes from being removed (which indicates that they are so out of touch they belong an obsolete party). Anyway, thanks for this. It has me thinking more about Schiavo and the Schindler Schiavo Foundation’s** activities within/alongside the “pro-life” platform. And the legacy of Terri Schiavo herself as will effect the assisted suicide movement in the US.


Yes, it’s so much better to have capitalist insurance companies deciding who lives and who dies.

That second ad is great. I like the subtlety of the lightening and the moral correctness that the large font conveys. It works much better than the initial idea for Obama to hold a gun to the baby’s head which would substantially increase his support among gun owners.

All the insurance industry had to do to seek out shills to attack the President was find racist, knuckle-dragging hillbillies, give them some torches and pitch forks, then bus the rabble to town halls. Showing an African-American president to a bunch of racist white trash is like showing fire to Frankenstein’s Monster.

It’s just too much too wrap your little minds around! Most logical thinking people don’t want a government running the health care system! Wake-up! Too easy to ignore all the people from Canada and Great Britain that say we are doomed if this happens! Why do you ignore this? They have these systems currently in place and its far from a good thing! Fixing the health care system is one thing, taking it over is something different. Real reform hasn’t even been discussed within the administration.
When Cindy Sheehan Had about 25 people at her protest, media hounds were all over it…..real people show up for these town halls and whoa what do you know, not one media crew hhmmm! Interesting at best!

and what percentage of the population actually knew the particulars of the schiavo case? what percent knew her parents were willing to take care of her and that her husband was itching to marry another women (and also collect insurance, i believe)? doesn’t matter!! pull the plug so we can flaunt our cool libertarian beliefs and mesmerize moralist with our amazing moral three card montee.

i didn’t bother reading your entire post. i only red the portion that andrew posted. but it sounds as if your bottom line is that pointing out that Obama’s health care program will do anything negative is a hate crime.


I’m from the UK. If a politician got rid of the NHS they would be strung up within about an hour.

I’m currently over in the States for a holiday and the sort of stuff people that seems to be said about the NHS is a joke – it is not perfect, it does have its flaws, but basically, if anybody says something to you like “the NHS in Britain is a disaster”, and they are not British, then I would suggest you ignore them. And to be honest, if they say it completely unqualified and are British, then they might well be cashing a nice fat cheque for their trouble.

The basic long and short of it is that

a) the NHS does acute care very well (break your arm, get swine flu, whatever – it will cost you virtually nothing, except the cost of a prescription (which is currently about $12). Ambulances are free. Doctor visits are free. Most medicines will cost £8 or so (~$12)
b) our hospitals are less shiny and pretty than yours, and have fewer fancy machines. That said, we do have MRI machines, X-rays, CT scanners etc.
c) Some expensive drugs are not available on the NHS. If you have the money you can buy them privately. The drugs that aren’t covered generally extend life rather than save it.
d) Dentist care is crap
e) Any non-acute care (back pain etc) can have waiting lists before you are seen.

If you want to avoid waiting lists, you can pay for private health insurance, or pay for the procedure itself. Private healthcare, while not free, is substantially cheaper than in the States as the NHS deals with acute care, so realistically, odds are you will claim on your private healthcare maybe once in 5-10 years.

You do not need private healthcare, you can survive perfectly well without it.

As a random example, aviva ( who do private healthcare quoted for me £35.74 (29 year old male) with a £500 excess (I think you would call it a deductible) (it was about £47 something with no excess) for their “core cover” – which is defined here.

(It’s currently about 1.6$ to the £, or google will do it for you)

Honestly, none of our politicians are stupid enough to say they want to replace our system with yours because they would cease to be a politician pretty quickly, and there would be rioting in the streets. People like the feeling that if something happens to them they won’t have to dig out cash to cover procedures they can’t afford, or declare bankruptcy. Is it fair? Well, it’s impossible, or at least pretty expensive to cover every treatment possible, so there are going to be some limits to everything – but realistically, is that not the case over in the States as well? If you are rich, you will get excellent care. If you are not rich, you will get good care, no matter what your current circumstances are.

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